The Who Got Lucky? Barkstory to the Dog inducted to the Guinness Book of World Records!

The Who Got Lucky? Barkstory


Over a decade ago Wendy Diamond’s entire life changed when she adopted a little white Maltese, she named Lucky Diamond. Wendy was immediately inspired by Lucky’s sweet disposition and the unconditional love she provided. In 1999 Wendy founded the premiere pet lifestyle media company, Animal Fair Media, with the sole mission of promoting fairness to animals and rescue. Since Animal Fair Media’s constant public awareness efforts the number of animals euthanized in shelters has dropped from 12 million yearly to 5 million.


Barbara Walters got Lucky!
Barbara Walters got Lucky!

One evening in 2002, Wendy and Lucky were invited by Ohio hometown friend and model, Raven Toney to the grand opening celebration of the New York City VBH store, honoring iconic designer Valentino. Wendy was totally awestruck and delighted to find herself sitting down to a very private dinner with Hollywood actors Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, socialite Nan Kempner, legendary designer Valentino with his life business partner Giancarlo Giammetti and other top name celebs.


Wendy wanted to capture the unforgettable memories of the night, but feeling enamored and camera shy asked Hugh Grant if he would like to take a photo with little Lucky instead. Hugh Grant held Lucky in his arms, and the first Who Got Lucky? image was recorded. And the rest (as they say – not to be cliché) is history….



The photogenic and charismatic Lucky has sparked global interest becoming the poster face of disenfranchised and homeless animals worldwide. Lucky has tirelessly lent her support to countless charitable events and campaigns by joining and taking photographs with celebrities, and that’s how everyone got very lucky!


Lucky’s dedication to animal rescue and her resulting accomplishments are impressive. She’s the Chair Dog of the Katrina Pet Memorial, and also has a wing named after her at the Humane Society of New York, honoring all she does to help animals in need worldwide. Some animal-related organizations that Lucky has aided through charity and media attention include: Delta Society, Humane Society of New York, PACT, Pixie Project, Elephant Nature Park, IFAW and the list goes on!


Exactly Who Got Lucky? – Over 300 world-renown A-list celebrities, politicians, athletes and entrepreneurs of the 21st century have been photographed holding Lucky at charity related events. The list of celebrities featured in this one-of-a-kind Who Got Lucky? photo collection include: Bill Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, Dave Matthews, John Travolta, Kanye West, Betty White, Barbara Walters, Sting, Cloris Leachman, Kelly Ripa, Hugh Hefner, Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Sir Richard Branson, Cesar Milan, Buzz Aldrin and many, many others.


Lucky never imagined she would be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most photographed dog with celebrities of all time! The adopted underdog Lucky is honored by the recognition, and that more people will learn how one little Maltese rescued her mom and together they made a lasting difference in the animal world.


The Official Guinness World  Record Release

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