Prevent Pet Behavior Problems With…Exercise!!

  Kimo was a three year old neutered male Malamute dog who dug holes in the yard, barked...

When Dogs Fly High! Airline Rules And Regulations!

  No one wants to travel without their best friend but traveling with a dog can be tricky....

International Volunteer Vacations! Discover New Horizons And Support Animals!

Itching for a trip that takes you beyond the usual lazy day at the beach?  If so, you’re in good...

An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!

  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to...

OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more...

How to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Best Friend!

As any pet parent can tell you acclimating your furry friend to your newborn child can be a...

Don’t let your dog get Spooked! Tips for Safe Howloween!

For all those who are still celebrating Halloween… Halloween is the perfect occasion to celebrate this silly season with your pet with cute and creative costumes! But before dressing your pooch as Katy Perry, remember that to enjoy the levity and hilarity of the holiday, we have to make our pet’s safety a priority. That […]

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Bone Appetite! Pumpkins and Pups – Healthy Combination!

Pumpkin is the miracle fruit for your dog! Helps with constipation, diarrhea and to help with weight loss. Pumpkins are rich in carotenoids, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, fiber, zinc, iron, vitamin A and potassium. In fact, you can tell the pumpkin is rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene, just by looking at its bright orange color. Pumpkin is a treat […]

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Congrats World Series #SFGiants Champs! Why You Must Watch the World Series With Your Pup!

Baseball has been known as “America’s Favorite Pastime” for as long as anyone can remember. Millions of fans gather around the television when the sport’s most exciting event is on: the World Series. Why should Fido miss out on all the excitement?? If you haven’t already thought of letting your pooch join in on the […]

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Dogs With Dough! One Of The Richest Pups Ever!

  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Robert and Gunther are on Forbes’ “short-hair” list of the world’s richest dogs, inheriting fortunes from their pet-loving humans. Tobacco heiress Doris Duke dedicated her life to the dogs she rescued from shelters.  Her magnanimity didn’t stop there; upon her death, she ensured that her only living dog, […]

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ADOPT ME! Lady Luna is longing for Love

Animal Fair and Wendy Diamond are proud to present this beautiful, adoptable dog – join us in helping her find a loving home today! Open your heart and help us reach our goal! And if you or someone you know gives this truly wonderful, and worthy dog a home, please send us a picture celebrating this […]

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