Prevent Pet Behavior Problems With…Exercise!!

  Kimo was a three year old neutered male Malamute dog who dug holes in the yard, barked...

International Volunteer Vacations! Discover New Horizons And Support Animals!

Itching for a trip that takes you beyond the usual lazy day at the beach?  If so, you’re in good...

An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!

  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to...

OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more...

When Dogs Fly High! Airline Rules And Regulations!

  No one wants to travel without their best friend but traveling with a dog can be tricky....

How to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Best Friend!

As any pet parent can tell you acclimating your furry friend to your newborn child can be a...

Why Does Your Dog Sniff Butt All The Time? Find Out!

      Have you ever wondered why your dog has to smell every other dog’s but when talking a walk or at the dog run? Fido is a lot smarter than you think!   The American Chemical Society fine-tuned “Dog Butt Science” and released a new video that reveals exactly what all the stink […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Raises 25 Million To Protect Animals & Plants Globally!

  The Wolf of Wall Street’s Leonardo DiCaprio did it yet again! Go Leo! He hosted a huge star-studded fundraising gala in France to promote the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s endangered species programs. The event guests included like Selena Gomez, Joan Collins, Petra Nemcova, Cara Delevingne, Jared Leto, Marion Cotillard, Robin Thicke and Bono (who auctioned […]

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Create Your Own Green Catscape: But Be Aware Of Outdoor Plants Toxic To Cats – And Dogs!

  Your garden is a whole other world to your cats!  It can be either a very boring or a very fascinating place for them, from where they can survey their territory and guard it as their own.  The more complex the garden, the happier the cats are.  They like places to sit in the […]

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Toronto, Canada Caters To The Canines!

Ontario, Canada has seventy different ethnicities and is the most multicultural province in all of Canada. While its urban capital, Toronto, is the most internationally diverse city, Toronto also boasts the largest dog-per-guardian ratio in all of Canada. With every one in three households owning a dog, Toronto has made a conscientious effort in creating a […]

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Step by Step Guide to Canine CPR!

“How To Save a Dog’s Life”     Of all the things great dog parents remember to do and are vigilant about (buying treats, getting vaccinations, going on walks, offering unconditional love), many of us are forgetful of something crucial.   Mammals as they are, dogs also face potential health emergencies.  Imagine you come home […]

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Shania Twain Has A New Roady – Her Latest Rescued Dog!

          Superstar performer Shania Twain rescued a dog over the weekend that she named #Roady, on the way back from Canada to Las Vegas. Looks like Shania Twain will actually be leaving Las Vegas for good this coming December. She’s wrapping up a two years and 110 performances  of her critically […]

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Pets Vacation Like Celebrities In The Hamptons This Summer!

  If you’re planning a summer vacation on Eastern Long Island, look (and sniff) no further than the Hamptons! A summer retreat for many celebrities such as Howard Stern (don’t miss America’s Got Talent), Alec Baldwin and Billy Joel, now you can experience the lap of luxury, just like their pets! The Hamptons have a […]

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ADOPT ME! Meet Enchanting Little Emma!

Animal Fair and Wendy Diamond are proud to present this beautiful, adoptable dog – join us in helping him find a loving home today! Open your heart and help us reach our goal! And if you or someone you know gives this truly wonderful, and worthy dog a home, please send us a picture celebrating this new found Puppy Love and […]

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Go Wild in the Galapagos: An Animal Lover’s Paradise!

One of the very most picturesque places on the planet is the Galapagos Archipielago. It is known for being an enchanting and vastly different environment for unique plants and animals. Charles Darwin conducted many studies here, and with all the tremendously unique species, it is no wonder why. Any animal lover that wants to explore […]

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For The Joy Of Mutts!- Celebrating National Mutts Day

    Celebrate the uniqueness of your mixed breed on July 31st – National Mutts Day! Better known as “mutts” these types of dogs often look and behave like no other dog. Considering they can come from a lineage of different breeds, mutts have a distinct look and personality to them!   Yes, owning a […]

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