Prevent Pet Behavior Problems With…Exercise!!

  Kimo was a three year old neutered male Malamute dog who dug holes in the yard, barked...

When Dogs Fly High! Airline Rules And Regulations!

  No one wants to travel without their best friend but traveling with a dog can be tricky....

International Volunteer Vacations! Discover New Horizons And Support Animals!

Itching for a trip that takes you beyond the usual lazy day at the beach?  If so, you’re in good...

An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!

  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to...

OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more...

How to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Best Friend!

As any pet parent can tell you acclimating your furry friend to your newborn child can be a...

Don’t let your dog get Spooked! Tips for Safe Howloween!

For all those who are still celebrating Halloween… Halloween is the perfect occasion to celebrate this silly season with your pet with cute and creative costumes! But before dressing your pooch as Katy Perry, remember that to enjoy the levity and hilarity of the holiday, we have to make our pet’s safety a priority. That […]

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Fall Foliage! New Hampshire An Organic Pet Friendly Vacation!

Instead of scrambling for a dog sitter and hearing your dog whine and cry when you leave them with your friends and family, wouldn’t it be nice to take your pet with you on your next vacation? Pets can make great travel companions for single travelers and families alike, so why not take advantage of […]

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How To Take a Stellar Selfie with Your Dog!

Say cheese treat! Love them or hate them, selfies are everywhere! Selfie was even Webster Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013 and as long as there are cameras, it seems like there will be selfies. So, how can your dog get in on the action?     1. Check the Lighting. There should be […]

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Dallas Nurse Nina Pham is Ebola Free! Reunites with her pup Bentley!

EXCITING! BREAKING NEWS!  Dallas Nurse Nina Pham is Ebola Free and will be reunited to Bentley her adorable Cavalier King Charles! The recent global Ebola scare has brought the disease to worldwide media attention. Two dogs exposed to the deadly outbreak are in the spotlight and have brought a deeply moral question to the forefront; […]

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ADOPT ME! Hakuna Matata! Meet Nala, Beautiful and Courageous

Animal Fair and Wendy Diamond are proud to present this beautiful, adoptable dog – join us in helping her find a loving home today! Open your heart and help us reach our goal! And if you or someone you know gives this truly wonderful, and worthy dog a home, please send us a picture celebrating this new found Puppy Love […]

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Pioneer Pet Entrepreneur Wendy Diamond’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day @Womenseday

  As most of you already know, Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond is a pioneer in the pet space! She coined the term “pet-lifestyle” with the 1999 launch of Animal Fair , the first media company to  focus on the support of fairness to animals. That wasn’t all the media company did, however! It also bridged the gap […]

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Pet Palette: The Colors of Your Pet’s World

It’s not unusual to hear that cats and dogs are color blind, but did you know that they actually can see color? That’s right, they may not be able to see color as vividly as humans do, or even as many colors as we can, but they aren’t completely color blind!   Cats’ eyes adapt […]

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Muffin’s Halo: An Heaven Sent Device For Blind Dogs!

Blindness is an everyday challenge, for pets and humans alike. Blind people use walking sticks and we train assistance dogs to help them but how do we assist blind pets? They can’t use their hands to feel what surrounding them, and they obviously can’t use sticks, they’d rather play with them! Sadly many people put […]

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Tompkins Square Park Hosts A Spooky Spectacular!

What better a location for the largest Halloween Puppy Parade than in the eerie “hippie heyday” East Village of St. Marks? The East Village is a landmark for many wealthy residents who took interest in the area in the 1820’s and 30’s. People such as Eliza Hamilton the wife of Alexander Hamilton the former Treasury Secretary, […]

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Sarah Hyland & Her Dog Barkley Bixby Are A Modern Family

Sarah Hyland & Her Dog Barkley Bixby Are A Modern Family   Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is the proud pet parent of her four and a half year-old furry baby, Barkley Bixby. She commented about the four-legged love of her life at the #Swiffereffect & ASCPA Celebrate Pet Adoption event in NYC. She revealed […]

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