Prevent Pet Behavior Problems With…Exercise!!

  Kimo was a three year old neutered male Malamute dog who dug holes in the yard, barked...

International Volunteer Vacations! Discover New Horizons And Support Animals!

Itching for a trip that takes you beyond the usual lazy day at the beach?  If so, you’re in good...

An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!

  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to...

OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more...

When Dogs Fly High! Airline Rules And Regulations!

  No one wants to travel without their best friend but traveling with a dog can be tricky....

How to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Best Friend!

As any pet parent can tell you acclimating your furry friend to your newborn child can be a...

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holyland

Donkeys in the Holyland

Donkeys Find Peace at Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holyland One blisteringly hot day, Lucy Fensom was driving in Jerusalem when she saw a donkey standing at the side of the road. His forelegs hobbled cruelly by barbed wire, and emaciated, her heart went out to him.  Lucy tried to reassure him with a […]

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For The Joy Of Mutts!- Happy National Mutts Day!

    Celebrate the uniqueness of your mixed breed on July 31st – National Mutts Day! Better known as “mutts” these types of dogs often look and behave like no other dog. Considering they can come from a lineage of different breeds, mutts have a distinct look and personality to them!   Yes, owning a […]

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Love Cats? Join Alley Cat Allies’ Trap-Neuter-Return Workshop!

Education is a key part in helping the com-meow-nity become a better place. One huge reason that lots of the world’s problems aren’t solved is that many people are unaware that some things are even an issue if it doesn’t personally impact them. One of these issues is the treatment of cats around the world, […]

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Senior Pets – Caring For Your Arthritic Dog

Just as in humans, arthritis can be a source of chronic pain even in dogs. One in every five adult dogs is found to have arthritis. The sad part is, your canine friend cannot express their misery to you like any normal person can. This is why it is important that you stay observant about […]

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Winery Dogs: Woof-Friendly Mumm Napa Vineyards

When you think of a winery you think of lush green vineyards with row after row of crisp tasty abundance. You dream of barrel after barrel of wine stacked on top of one another holding what certainly tastes like heaven. You envision bottles of red and white filled with the exquisite vintage tastes of the […]

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Animal Advocate And Comedic Legend Betty White Is A Big Hit At Comic-Com!

          At 92-years old, legendary Emmy-winning actress and animal advocate Betty White is still everywhere! She sat on a “Legends of TV Land” panel along with William Shatner and Donald Faison at Comic-Com International in San Diego on July4th, 2014. They received rave reviews as a humorous trio of Hollywood history […]

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Avoid Pet Med Scams!

    Our dogs and cats are no longer  just an accessory; they’re family. And just like children, we have to take care of them; we invest time and money into whatever it takes to keep them healthy, even if it means spending hundreds of dollars a year on vet visits and pet supplies. The […]

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Furtastic photo! The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One!

Thank you Melody from Brooklyn for sending this photo!  You will receive a signed copy of Wendy Diamond’s best selling book  It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living (Random House) for making us smile! If anyone has a furtastic photo please submit to for your chance to be featured and receive a […]

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ADOPT ME! Get Riled Up Over Cocker Spaniel Mix Ryan!

adopt me - ryan pup

Animal Fair and Wendy Diamond are proud to present this beautiful, adoptable dog – join us in helping him find a loving home today! Open your heart and help us reach our goal! And if you or someone you know gives this truly wonderful, and worthy dog a home, please send us a picture celebrating this new found Puppy Love and […]

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Why Does Your Dog Sniff Butt All The Time? Find Out!

      Have you ever wondered why your dog has to smell every other dog’s but when taking a walk or at the dog run? Fido is a lot smarter than you think!   The American Chemical Society fine-tuned “Dog Butt Science” and released a new video that reveals exactly what all the stink […]

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