Orange And Also Black Stop Kitty Overpopulation!

  Robin Craft grew up in a farming community, where she received her first kitten, Annabelle, when she was only four years old. In her community, it wasn’t common for people to get cats spayed or neutered, and Craft said her family didn’t have the money to fix their cats. After her last cat disappeared when she was a kid, Craft didn’t get another one until she was an adult. She and her sister rescued Butler and Oswald – who are now the faces of…

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Chemotherapy for pets – is it an option?

  Chemotherapy is one of the four major therapies for cancer–the three others being surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy. During most of the consults that we do, chemotherapy is discussed. The looks I get when I recommend chemotherapy for people’s pets can range from unbelief to fright. The first thing that I do is immediately tell owners that chemotherapy is handled much better by dogs and cats than it is by people. Although cancers are similar among dogs, cats, and people, the therapies affect them differently.…

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Hotel Posada

Thailand: The Wonders of Buddha’s Animal Kingdom

  Buddhism and animals – Thailand   Enchanting Thailand consists of over 40,000 temples (Wats) and 95% of the population practices Buddhism. Buddhists believe in respecting and loving every living creature, which is a tenent that any animal lover can get behind! They also believe in reincarnation, and that many of us were once animals in a past life. Thai Buddhists see human and non-human animals as closely related, with both having a Buddha-nature and the possibility of becoming perfectly enlightened. They also believe that the soul…

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Get...This... THING... OFF OF ME!


DANCING WITH YOUR DOG When Patie Ventre, a former professional ballroom dancer, looks out across an empty dance floor, she doesn’t envision Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers swinging through “Top Hat.” She sees Westies waltzing, poodles in polka and Mastiffs getting down to the Macarena. That’s why she started the World Canine Freestyle Organization — a group that holds dance contests around the world. People take their dogs to the hardwood, pump up the volume and just shake, rattle and roll-over. “Heel” to toe, of…

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Hope for less animals in shelters!

We have HOPE! Spay and Neutering without surgery!

In today’s society, there are many unwanted cats and dogs. Many of these animals live on the streets, fending for themselves and many others are simply put to death. 3-5 million cats and dogs die in shelters each year. If there was a way to control their population, then this could be prevented. ACC&D is an organization determined to use nonsurgical means to sterilize cats and dogs. Their website proclaims, “Non-surgical sterilants have enormous potential for curbing pet overpopulation in the U.S. and around the…

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Don’t Forget Your Umbrella! “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” !

Sure, we’ve all heard the famous expression, but does anyone really know where this silly saying got its start? Wendy and the team have hit the books and have come up with a few possible answers to this cat and canine conundrum. From the interesting, to the silly, to the strange and even grotesque, the origins of this popular phrase will definitely make you feel glad that you brought your umbrella! Explanation 1: The Medieval Slip and Slide The most common theory suggests that in…

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Calm your pooch down with a song

Soothing Pet Sounds: Simple Classics Relax Your Canines

  It’s 11pm. You’re jonesing for sleep, but Fido won’t calm down. You’ve tried placing him in bed, stroking his fur, and talking to him softly, but his head is still filled with frantic thoughts of car rides, squirrel-chasing and that cute Bichon Frise he saw earlier. Before you slip tranquilizers into his Kibbles and Bits, there’s something else you should try: Beethoven. It’s well-documented that certain types of music can work wonders on humans, from relieving stress to aiding the healing process after serious…

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Oreo in Memphis loves Human food -  Dear Lucky what to do?

Happy Barkstille Day from Poncho in Paris!

Monique held his face between her hands,gazing deeply into his eyes as only the French can do. “Mon Dieu,” she murmured, smitten.“He’s gorgeous.” Poncho lowered his eyelids and trembled. Monique gently bent forward in her airline seat and kissed his muzzle.                   We hadn’t even landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, and my dog had had his first real taste of Paris. Everyone must see Paris. That included Poncho, my chihuahua-esque mutt, adopted from the animal shelter…

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Dogues de Bordeaux

In Honor Of Bastille Day! A French Affair: The Dogue de Bordeaux

        The Bordeaux region of Southwestern France is well-known to travelers as a hot-spot for wine, architecture, and relaxing beach-front vacations, but what fewer people know is that this seaside paradise is also home to one of the world’s oldest dog breeds.   A port city on the Garonne River just north of Aquitaine, Bordeaux has some of the mildest winters in France and is home to over 100,000 acres of vineyards, making it an obvious destination for the work-weary. Bordeaux’s famed…

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World Cup Soccer Anyone? A Border Collie changed the meaning of Winning the World Pup!

Soccer Anyone? A Border Collie changed the meaning of Winning the World Cup! In honor of the start to the FIFA World Cup 2014 we want to share this touching story about a owner, his dog and their love for soccer. For a parent there is no greater fear than the thought of losing a child. For Mark Lukas that fear became a reality. On December 8, 2002, Mark’s son Zak and his friend set out on the Gulf of Mexico on Zak’s brand new jet…

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