Spend 2010 With These Animal-Loving Stars

Has your furry friend been naughty or nice this year?

Everyone’s favorite indestructible super-cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere is a mommy to two rescued pooches, a Chocolate Lab named Penny Lane and a Terrier mix named Madison. The star of NBC’s Heroes helps various animal charities such as Save the Whales and the Whaleman Foundation, which seeks to end the hunting and killing of whales everywhere. Another talented, blonde beauty who is involved in various animal charities is former American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood. With Ace, her Rat Terrier and the “love of her life” by her side, this songbird works with the Humane Society to fight animal cruelty and find homes for orphaned pets.

When you’re the star of one of TV’s most popular show, you can pretty much hang out with any A-Lister you want. But for Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, there’s no celebrity who he would rather be cruising down Hollywood boulevard with other than Honeybee, the dog he rescued from New York’s Kent Animal Shelter.

One of Tinseltown’s greatest comebacks was bittersweet for actor Mickey Rourke. After losing his beloved rescued Chihuahua, Loki after 126 dog years, Rourke wore a pendant with the little dog’s picture in it at the 2009 Oscars. He also helps out the Humane Society of New York, hoping animal lovers everywhere can adopt there own Loki.

She won an Oscar for a movie called Monster, but Charlize Theron has shown she’s anything but. This South African beauty is not only one of her generation’s most respected actresses, but she’s also a working mom – to her four rescued dogs! Theron rescued Denver, Tucker, Orson and Delilah and uses her compassion to support animal and wildlife organizations like PETA and Dogs Deserve Better.

These animal loving superstars are just a few of the celebrities who appear in a new calendar sponsored by Pup-Peroni® and the ASPCA that promotes local animal shelters. So put on your best leash and get ready to face the pup-arazzi! This holiday season, be a real-life “idol” or “hero” and volunteer at a local animal shelter or charity or adopt a lovable little pet of your own! You can get this new calendar featuring your favorite celebrity dog lovers in the latest issue of Animal Fair magazine, on newsstands now! For more information, visit animalfair.com.

NOTE: Do not give pets as gifts! This isn’t Scrooge speaking, but it is important that the receiver is ready to play, love and care for the pet 24 hours a day! Unlike an ugly pair of wool socks, pets aren’t gifts you can just toss aside or return. If you do know someone who’s ready to become a new “mommy or daddy,” make sure you adopt as there is every breed, size, color, shape and personality available!