Top 10 Travel-Friendly Pups

Whether you’re on your way to the groomer, or jet-setting to the Islands we’re here to give you the scruff on the breeds that can accompany you on the longest of trips without a problem. Your furry friend is apart of the family, so why wouldn’t they join in on the fun?


10. The English Bulldog


One quality that is perfect for travelers (both human and canine) is having an easygoing demeanor. English bulldogs are known for being one of the most calm, laid back breeds out there. They are in fact perfect for long road trips, but unfortunately many airlines do not allow “sub-nosed” pups to fly because they have a condition which makes it difficult to breathe at high altitudes. Have no fear! You can take a drive to the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, with your english bulldog.

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9.  The Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terriers do not need much exercise. They’re also known for being the absolutely perfect lap dog, so traveling with this breed is a piece of cake! They can fit into small spaces because of their toy size, so who wouldn’t want to travel with a Yorkie?

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8. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


When traveling you are bound to come across strangers. What makes this breed ideal is that they are very sociable. They have a cheerful, playful nature that is compatible with most people.

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7. The Beagle


Another friendly breed is the Beagle! They’re open to meeting new people and pooches alike. Not only are they friendly in personality, they are relatively small in stature. This makes them portable enough to take anywhere. Remember: When booking your trip, make sure your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date (so visit a veterinarian!)

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6. The Border Collie


Obedience is probably the most vital characteristic when traveling with your pet. If they do not listen to your commands, then all chaos will ensue. Luckily for Border Collies, they do not have that problem. They are among the most obedient of any breed out there.

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5. The Cocker Spaniel


Like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Cocker Spaniel is also one of the friendliest breeds to travel with. They thrive off the company of others, both human and canine. Like Border Collies, these dogs are also very obedient. They’ll listen to your every direction.

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4. The Shetland Sheepdog


Not only is this breed friendly, they are known to be quiet and introverted. This quality is quintessential for those long trips. When you’re tired from traveling and jet lag, the last thing you want is a talkative hound! Remember: You don’t only need identification for yourself, but you also need ID for your dog. Get a tag for your pooch, and also carry around a picture (just in case!).

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3. The Maltese

As part of National Pet Awareness Month, JetBlue Airways' JetPaws program today named Moose, a one-year old Maltese Poodle, the airline's Most-Traveled Pet in 2010. The top dog and his companion, Suffolk University law student Jamie Griebner, currently live in Boston and earned bragging rights after more than 20 flights, thousands of TrueBlue customer loyalty points and countless 'good dog' greetings from JetBlue's friendly crewmembers. Photo courtesy of JetBlue

They’re loyal, adaptable, and stable! What else more could you possibly want in a travel companion? What’s even better is that they’re rather small, which makes them perfect for flying or cramped car trips! I bet your maltese cannot wait to stick his head out of the window, with his tongue hanging out (as all dogs do!)

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2. The Poodle


Poodles come in a variety of sizes, and these pups love to please their owners. They are obedient, responding to your commands at a moment’s notice. Best of all, these canines do not shed very much which allows a stress free travel experience. You do not have to constantly clean up unwanted fur, which usually gets everywhere.

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1. The Pekingese


These pups are low-maintainence, needing little exercise. They also remain quiet while indoors. These qualities are pretty much necessary when traveling. Their small stature is ideal for those small spaces, or for sitting on your lap.

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Which one of these adorable pups best suits your travel needs? Be sure to adopt any one of these canines HERE. Happy travels!


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