Dr. Halland Is Down With The Dogs!

Having lower back pain from running around with your pooch too often? Or do you just want a relaxing Vampire facial after a long day at the office? Don’t worry; Dr. Halland Chen is here to help! Dr. Halland is one of New York City’s top Regenerative Medicine specialists, which allows avoiding invasive surgery with same day procedures and no downtime. This double board-certified specialist specializes in pain relief, hair regrowth, and cosmetics (anti-aging, Botox, Vampire facelifts). Animal Fair Media got to chat with this miracle worker. Not only does he love what his profession, but we heard he also loves his little pup, so naturally we got the scruff on Dr. Halland!

In his office was the most adorable little pooch, so I was curious. I needed all of the details about this cuddly canine! When I asked Dr. Halland if his dog comes to work with him often, he responded with “absolutely, there’s even a tufted sofa in my office where she can relax on.” Well, that’s great to know! My pup, Baby Hope, loves having a friend to keep her company.  Dr. Halland continued, “Her name is Molly! She’s a 3-year-old Cavapoo. When I first met her, she was just a little pup and affectionate since day one. She has very human eyes and the name Molly seemed very fitting.”



Meet Molly, Dr. Halland’s Cavapoo!



Dr. Halland allows a patient’s entire family to come in for their appointments for moral support! “Definitely. I always say bring your friends and family…which for a lot of people includes their pets! I love all animals, so everyone is welcome!” Because animals are welcomed in his office, I wonder if he brings his pets to his doctor’s appointments. “Only if Molly wants to come,” he replied with a laugh. He even has snacks available for his patients because sitting in a doctor’s office can really work up an appetite. “I offer treats for sure – baked biscuits for the pets and snacks for the patients. And, I can’t tell who loves the snacks more – the dogs or the humans!”



What about cotton candy?!



Besides his pup, Dr. Halland’s  main passion is helping others feel better. When speaking with him, it was apparent that he knew this was he was meant to do. “I’m focused on helping people heal naturally which can help them feel younger and look younger. I’m a doctor in pain management, especially for the knees and lower back, and have focused on Regenerative Medicine which can help heal damaged tissues and relieve pain. Likewise, because of it’s restorative and anti-aging effects, Regenerative Medicine is also a part of my aesthetics department, which incorporates laser therapy and youth enhancing non-surgical procedures and/or treatments.” No stitches or scars? No problem! This sounds like a walk in the park. It would be only innate for this healer to help out his fellow four-legged friends. “If I wasn’t treating humans, I would naturally be healing animals.” Veterinary school in the future for Dr. Halland? “I’ll stick to humans…for now!”



Dr. Chen taking care of his favorite patient!
Dr. Halland taking care of his favorite patient!



And, as always I had to ask what charities Dr. Halland supports! “I support the ASPCA and Mercy for Animals! Both are wonderful charities because helping the creatures who cannot help themselves is almost necessary.” We agree, Dr. Halland! Here at Animal Fair Media, we support the welfare of all animals by giving them a voice.

It is clear that Dr. Halland has a talent for combining his passion for Regenerative Medicine and pups. At his NYC office, you can cure your back pain while your dog happily chows down on the complimentary biscuits! What’s better than that?!


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