In Wendy’s Doghouse – @DylansCandyBar Lauren Creates A Sweet Life With Jersey



Dylan Lauren with her sweet Jersey girl.


Dylan Lauren has obviously inherited the family gift for entrepreneurship, by building an empire based on her sweet tooth and fashion savvy, when she created the New York City based Dylan’s Candy Bar. Designer Extraordinaire Ralph Lauren’s little girl has grown up, and is a successful businesswoman in her own right, plus a loving mom to an adopted shelter dog.

Dylan has been a lifelong animal-lover. She’s “obsessed” with rabbits, and has loved bunnies (the bunnies that inspired the Dylan’s Candy Bar mascot) since she was nine-years-old. “I have about 3,000 stuffed animal rabbits in my collection … I’m an animal freak. I would like to start my own animal shelter and rescue animals, especially dogs, cats, and bunnies.”


Dylan with her Candy Bar Staff and their pets.


“We love to show that we love animals,” she says of her candy-coated corporation. In addition to sweets for pet parents, Dylan’s Candy Bar sells dessert-themed dog treats, and a line of puppy apparel and other unique pet products may not be far off – but Dylan is determined to wait on licensing until she finds the safest, best products available.

Her adopted dog, Jersey, has certainly been a driving force in Dylan’s desire to learn more about animal health and pet parenting. She credits the process of looking for a dog in rescue homes as a source of inspiration.

Dylan commented, “It was a great experience looking for a dog in a rescue home because I really saw the workings of the staff and how they set up the place.  The commercials sometimes portray it as  scary, intimidating, and depressing.  I really think the money that people are giving is going to a good cause. These dogs actually go outside for runs in fenced areas, and don’t live in  little crates.  The owners are really dedicated to the community of the shelters.”

Even before adopting her dog, Jersey( from the Monmouth County SPCA), she was already working with animal shelters like the ASPCA, the Humane Society and Bideawee. Lauren reveals that finding the right animal companion wasn’t an easy task, “I didn’t have a connection with a lot of the dogs; I felt a little bad and never understood that, but all the places warned me that the dog chooses you.”

It’s clear that Jersey made the right choice. Dylan is a devoted pet parent often bringing Jersey to work and letting other Candy Bar employees bring their pets to the office for play dates. Like most moms, she also loves to brag! According to Dylan, Jersey possessed a unique combination of Serena Williams’ beauty and athleticism coupled with Snooki’s Jersey -girl smarts, savvy, and appeal.

Dylan quipped, “I almost called her Snooki – she’s got sass, she knows some business, and all the men are attracted to this one!”

For more about Dylan’s Candy Bar, visit, and to learn more about finding a shelter dog of your own, check out some of Dylan’s favorite animal adoption organizations, the Monmouth County SPCA, ASPCA and Bideawee.

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