Baby Hope Ties The Knot – Most Expensive Pet Wedding in History!’s Most Beautiful Pet Wedding in History honoring Lucky Diamond’s Life & Legacy was a huge success! We won  the Guinness World Record for “The Most Expensive Pet Wedding In History” with a total of $158,187.26 !  All total the amount was over $275,000 all donated by the most amazing Wedding Dream Team!  Proceeds of the benefit supported the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward at the Humane Society of New York!

Jake Pasternak and the Groom Chilly Pasternak, Wendy Diamond and the Bride Baby Hope Diamond

Please watch this 2 minute video of why this pet wedding is being held! Honoring one of the most important dogs in history (at least we think:)!

The time, resources, services, and products to make this the most expensive wedding have been donated, enabling Animal Fair Media to produce this incredible historic event. All of our annual media outreach events over the past ten years were created to bring animal rescue and adoption to the public awareness arena, encouraging adopting, volunteering and donating to local animal shelters. Our annual events have raised thousands of dollars for Humane Society of New York, the Celebrate Lucky’s Life & Legacy At The Pet Wedding Of The Century benefit will do the same in Lucky’s name and honor.

The wedding took place on July 12th, 2012 at Manhattan’s legendary Jumeirah Essex House Hotel on Central Park as a celebration and tribute to Lucky’s life and legacy of animal rescue and championing the underdog! Wendy recently adopted a new dog she was fostering, and named her Baby Hope Diamond (since she brought her so much hope after Lucky passed). The wedding took  place between Baby Hope and Chilly Pasternak the winning groom with Blue hair and a peace sign on his back!

Baby Hope couldn’t have asked for better in-laws! The whole family came out from Richmond, Va. – including Chilly’s 97-year-old grandma and great aunt. Even a few cats and even a frog showed up to celebrate Baby Hope and Chilly’s puptuals. Friends of Lucky and Animal Lovers also in attendance included Charles and Valerie Diker, Iris Love, Westminster Kennel Club’s David Frei, Doggie Mom’s Karen Biehl and Grace Forster, JJ MCKay, Geoffrey Bradfield,  Chanel’s Gregory Schmitt, Presidential Candidate Fred Karger and Erik Bottcher, Tony and Yvonne Conza, Todd Richter, Mark Leder, Steve Boxer, Sheryl Ferrin, Katie and Zeev Klein, Zecki Dossal, Opera Pop Sensation Nathan Pacheco, Jazz Sensation Domenick Farinacci, Cassandra Seidenfeld and of course their dogs!

Our Wedding Planner Guru Harriette Rose Katz who helped make this possible!

The world class dream team was led by wedding planner Harriette Rose Katz, who has planned celebrity weddings for such notables as Billy Baldwin and Cheyenne Phillips, Donny Deutsch and many others. Katz, an event deisgner and food and wine expert, founded Gourmet Advisory Services and works alongside her daughter, Melissa Rosenbloom, and her niece, Claudia Warner, who have all worked for 25 years to build and maintain their reputation as one of the country’s premier event planning companies.

Bentley Meeker, lighting guru, who has been showcased at both the MoMA and Guggenheim created the magical ambiance.

We were blessed to have Fancy That create and design a one of a kind pawprint in honor of Lucky to be placed on our programs.

The one and only Triumph the Insult Comic Dog brought the house down in laughing tears officiating this one of a kind wedding……

“If these two dogs could talk, they would look around this room and what everyone has done for them,” Triumph said. “And they would say, this is insane! Seriously? We’re dogs! You people are cuckoo.”

Westminster Kennel Club’s David Frei and Triumph Insult Comic Dog

The savory reception was catered by Jumeirah Essex House Chef Nate the James Beard Award recipient, along with Sushi Chef James Chung from Ichiban SushiLes Compagnons dog inspired wine was flowing throughout the night!

The Lucky inspired Wedding Cake was by the one and only TLC’s  Cake Boss Buddy and YES we will be on an episode this Fall! The cake had no traces of chocolate, just in case our pups stole a few crumbs from the floor! Buddy’s sister, Mary Sciarrone, had her frog hopping at the wedding – but sadly, no kiss turned him into a prince!

TLC’s Cake Boss Buddy’s sister Mary blessed us with her Frog!

Halo, Purely For Pets, co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres provided an all natural pet food buffet for all our four-legged guests! Halo won the first ever National Canine Cancer Foundation Seal of Excellence for their pure and healthy pet food.

Iris Love, Valerie Diker and the Dikerdachs!

World renowned Dog Designers Roberto Negrin and Anthony Rubio created one of a kind Designer wedding Flower Dog outfits as well as Roberto lavished Groom Chilly’s Tuxedo outfit!

Couture designers Michelle and Henry Roth created Baby Hope’s spectacular wedding dog gown valued at $6,000!

The wedding had a fuchsia theme, with flowers for the wedding designed by Floralia Decorators at the Waldorf Astoria, whose clients include Kathy Hilton, Sony Music, USA Films, and even former President Bill Clinton!

The Hank Lane Orchestra, a seven piece orchestra who has provided entertainment for the American Ballet Theater’s Spring Gala, performed for the guests, along with renowned jazz trumpet player Dominick Farinacci. Opera and pop singing sensation, Nathan Pacheco (compared to Andrea Bocelli) wowed the event attendees with his vocal performance. And they kept their promise and the music was low for those with dog ears!

The Final Vows – by Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

“Baby Hope, do you take this pooch to love, not spend the night with, and advocate for animal welfare as long as you both shall live? If so, breathe heavily,”

“And do you, Chilly, take this purse jockey to be your wife? Katie Holmes is back on the market, and I don’t think it would be any weirder than her first marriage! If so, sweat through your tongue.”

“I now pronounce you dog and bitch,” he said.

Chilly Pasternak and his father Jake will join Wendy Diamond and Baby Hope with carrying on Lucky’s legacy of promoting animal rescue and welfare, and now the future couple will add animal cancer to their causes.

We are beyond grateful to everyone who donated their services and goods to make this fairyTAIL Wedding come true and honor our beloved pet icon Lucky Diamond!

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