Ashley Tisdale With Her Two Maltipoos, Movies, And Cute Co-Stars

Ashley Tisdale With Maui & Blondie


Although she’s only twenty three, Ashley Tisdale (fondly known to fans as “The Tiz”) is already a veteran performer, having been in the business since age three. Tisdale has performed on Broadway, in Les Miserables and guest starred on a number of hit television shows including Hannah Montana, 90210 and 7th Heaven. In her teens, Tisdale landed the role of Maddie Fitzpatrick on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which was followed by her breakout role in Disney’s addictive franchise, High School Musical.

Ashley has also gone on to become a very successful solo artist with her introduction of her album, Headstrong which debuted at number five on Billboard Magazine’s, Billboard 200.

With the success of High School Musical, Ashley and the rest of the cast came back to reprised their roles for High School Musical 2 and soon-to-be, High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Animal Fair’s Wendy Diamond caught up with Ashley to talk to her about her two adorable puppies, Maui and Blondie.

WD: So, Ashley, tell us about your dogs.

AT: This is Maui. She’s a year old and a teacup Maltipoo. And this is Blondie. Blondie is a Maltipoo but I think with a little bit of Bijon too. She’s three years old.

WD: And where did you get her?

AT: I got Blondie online at this place called Maui came from The breeders were amazing and would check up on her and see how she was doing.

WD: Why’d you call her Maui?

AT: I actually got her for my birthday. I was there [Hawaii] and I was trying to figure out a Hawaiian name. All the Hawaiian names are so long except for [the island of] Maui, and that was a perfect name.

WD: And why Blondie? Do you like Blondie as a group?

AT: (laughs) I do, but I got Blondie the first year of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Everyone would usually call my character [Maddie] “Blondie” on the show so that’s where that came from.

WD: If Blondie was a celebrity, which celebrity would she be?

AT: (laughs) Oh, Marilyn Monroe!

WD: Wow!

AT: (laughs) She’s blonde and beautiful.

WD: She kind of does look like Marilyn with her poofy hair. Now, what about Maui?

AT: Maui! I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about that one. For some reason Blondie just hit me as Marilyn.

WD: Did you take them on the set of High School Musical 3 in Salt Lake City?

AT: Ya. Well, Blondie is really close to my Dad so my Dad takes care of her all the time. She listens to him most and she’s not very good with traveling. But Maui, ever since I got her I just really wanted someone to travel with. The first couple weeks that I got Maui I took her to Germany and she’s been traveling with me all over the world. She was in High School Musical. She did a little scene.

WD: No way! What was her scene?

AT: She had a little scene with Manley, which is Kenny Ortega’s dog. I think it’s going to be really cute. (laughs) I can’t give too much away.

WD: Now if Zac Efron was a dog, which one would he be?

AT: He’d be a very good looking dog.

WD: Ok, so walk me through a typical day with your dogs.

AT: They are very spoiled. Maui sleeps with me. Blondie sleeps with my parents. Maui eats, sleeps and plays. Plus she’s got tons of toys and a cute little Juicy Couture doghouse. She gets to travel and meet everyone. Even people who don’t like dogs all of a sudden love Maui. We call it “Maui Fever.”

WD: Why do you call it “Maui Fever?” Everyone loves her?

AT: Everyone. At first they’re unsure, but then they like fall in love with her. It’s the weirdest thing. How could you not fall in love with this face? I don’t like to keep Maui in my trailer so everyone would want to hold her and take care of her, especially our bodyguard. He was this huge, serious guy who always like to scare people, yet he loved Maui and she loved him. So he’d walk around and everyone act like we’re not so scared of you anymore. (laughs)

WD: How is Maui with the other cast members?

AT: Oh my Gosh, they love her and she loves them too. She loves Zac. Zac’s her boyfriend!

WD: Oh really?

AT: (laughs) No, she just loves him though. He plays with her a lot.

WD: What would Vanessa say?

AT: (laughs) Vanessa’s ok with it. She’s in love.

WD: (laughs) So let’s talk about your home. You’ve got the Juicy Couture bed?

AT: Yeah.

WD: Who got it for Maui?

AT: I did. Blondie has this wrought iron bed shaped in a circle and it looks like a baby’s bed. It’s completely ridiculous but it’s for a dog.

WD: Do you sing to your dogs?

AT: I don’t, but sometimes I’ll be recording in the studio with Blondie and I don’t know if she gets annoyed or what, but she’s like, “Oh, no!” (laughs) I think she gets tired.

WD: Do Blondie and Maui cause trouble?

AT: Not really. They just love people, especially Blondie. She’s a big people person. She’s very protective too.

WD: If you were to look for the perfect breed of man, what breed would it be? A Poodle? A little high maintenance?

AT: No, I don’t really like high maintenance. I’m really kind of chill, ya know. I can’t be with someone who takes longer to get ready than I do.

WD: So who’s the real star of High School Musical? Is it Maui or Manley?

AT: I don’t know. Maui’s a star at High School Musical, but Manley’s a star too! You can’t take anything away from Manley. He’s always good in his scenes and he’s great to work with. They had awards at the very end of the movie and Manley and Maui got the “best couple” [award].

WD: Anything else you want to say about your dogs?

AT: They’re my best friends. I’m so glad I waited until I was 19 to get them. It was worth the wait.

WD: Now if you were to describe yourself as a breed, would you be a mix? What would you be?

AT: I would be a Maltipoo. We have the same hair problems.

WD: Why do Maltipoos have hair problems?

AT: We [both] have curly hair. When they get their hair done they straighten it out a lot and that’s like what I am. I’m naturally curly and then I have to straighten it out a lot.

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