Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hounds Run Free at Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park

If you and your road trip companion want a little diversion on your cross country trip, make sure to check out Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this summer.

The city’s Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park has vast open fields for dogs to run, jump, and play games of fetch. The facility offers a training area and obedience classes if your dog needs to brush up on some basic commands and skills. This park encourages dogs to learn basic social skills, and provides the opportunity for owners to socialize as well.

Do you think your dog is “the” frisbee champion? Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park offers you a chance to prove it by conducting frisbee contests, where dogs can compete for a frisbee champion title. And if your dog isn’t good at frisbee but his sniffing skills are finely-honed, then you may want to enter him in the doggie biscuit hunt. Hounds are motivated to sniff out dog treats, and are rewarded by eating the treats once retrieved.

Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park is completely fenced so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting lost or injured. A small dog area is designated where they can play without fear of being bullied by the bigger canines. There’s even a professional photographer on hand during the park’s many doggie-fun days.

To access the Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park you must have a mandatory daily or annual pass. The park’s hours are from 7am till dusk, all year round, rain or shine. The park offers members a newsletter highlighting all the current events happening at the park. Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park offers you and your dog a variety of activities that will make the dog days of summer seem way too short!

Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park
1404 04 Cedar Bend Lane
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406