Fox Barking News: Megyn Kelly And Her Two Shih Tzu: Basha and Bailey!

Megyn Kelly with Basha and Bailey
Megyn Kelly with Basha and Bailey

Every weekday morning you’ll find Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom co-anchor, Megyn Kelly, reporting on the world’s most significant happenings. Armed with a law degree from Albany Law School, Kelly is considered an intelligent, witty, heavy-hitter on the show. Along with co-anchor, Bill Hemmer, Kelly has the opportunity to cover the occasional pet-related news story, which she loves to do as often as possible – this usually means she can bring along her precious four and five-year-old Shih Tzu, Basha and Bailey!


“I love bringing them [to work] because, A) they’re a stress reliever no matter where they are, and B) they make everybody happy,” Kelly says. “You should see the reaction they get from folks – people get instantly happier when they see dogs in the hallway, or something to cuddle, pet, and give unconditional love, even to perfect strangers.”


When describing her two newsworthy dogs, Kelly explains, “Basha is just a lover pup. She loves everybody, she’s the nicest, sweetest girl you’ll ever play with. Bailey is more of a grumplestiltskin, he’s a little bit needier, he gets sad when I’m not there – he’s a little more attached. I always say that Basha only has eyes for Bailey, and Bailey only has eyes for me.”


Since her pups’ visits to the set are intermittent, Kelly has struggled with the guilt of leaving them at home (even though she has a walker take them out twice a day), but has successfully learned to curb this emotion, alleviating any separation anxiety in her pets. “You just have to walk out of the house saying, ‘I’m good, you’re good, we’re going to see each other later.’ So now I try to project that to the dogs when I leave.”


One thing she doesn’t have to worry about is that her Shih Tzu won’t get along with each other when she’s not there. “They love each other,” Kelly smiles, “They play-fight each other and they wrestle – I call it Greco-Roman wrestling because they get up on their hind legs and go at it!”


Animal Fair asked Kelly to describe what breed of dog one of her favorite journalists, Brit Hume of Fox’s Special Report with Brit Hume would be, her response: “part Pit Bull, part Border Collie, because they’re extremely smart – and he might be part Pomeranian, real lovable.” And as for the celebrated news anchor Bill O’Reilly of Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor? “That’s a tough one … I would say he’s a little Bulldog,” Kelly laughs.


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