Erik Wachtmeister and Black Lab Bumblebee’s Not-So-SMALLWORLD

Erik Wachtmeister

As chairman and founder of exclusive, invitation-only social networking site, aSmallWorld (, Erik Wachtmeister knows a thing or two about living the good life—and so does his loyal canine sidekick, Bumblebee. Whether it’s hanging out on her favorite spot on the lawn, enjoying the Wachtmeister’s farm and countryside, or traveling internationally with her owners, this lucky Labrador is up there with the Big Dogs.


A former investment banker and the son of a former Swedish ambassador to the U.S., Wachtmeister has worked hard to develop this ‘pet’ project, and his site now boasts the membership of super models and celebrities (Naomi Campbell, Ivanka Trump, Quentin Tarantino), sports champions (Tiger Woods), royalty (Prince Felix of Luxembourg) and other worldly elite.


Even though dogs aren’t allowed on the website just yet, currently almost 9,000 members of aSmallWorld are registered “doggy fanatics.” Having a pet is certainly a privilege, and the large percentage of the “upper-crust” pet owners on the site reflects that. “[Having a dog or other pet] is a type of luxury,” Says Wachtmeister, “It requires time and space. It breeds harmony and often family values.”


Bumblebee joins Wachtmeister in his office only when he works from home. The Labrador was an ideal pet for Wachtmeister because, he says, Labs are “loyal, loving, and good with children.” As fate would have it, Wachtmeister and his wife both had childhood pets named Bumblebee, so it seemed only natural to name their new dog in honor of the animals of their youth.


As someone who has observed human nature through social networking, Wachtmeister notes that a person’s pet can say a lot about them. “Pets often mirror the personality of the owner.” And that would make Bumblebee, along with his owner, hardworking, diligent, and successful.


Take some tips from Wachtmeister’s on how to not “work like a dog” yourself:


1)      The more you enjoy work, the harder you work, and the less it feels like you are working like a dog.

2)      Use the Blackberry. Frees you up from your laptop and your desk.

3)      Get rid of the Blackberry.

4)      Delegate.

5)      Focus on your family and your dog(s)