Most Eligible Pets 2007: Rachel Harris Has Two More Reasons to Keep Smiling

Rosco and Mabel pick up their mother's comedic wit
Rosco and Mabel pick up their mother's comedic wit


ACTION! Eligible Pets on Set!

Quirky character comedy is actress Rachel Harris’s forte. Harris has cracked up the nation in such films as Licensed to Wed and For Your Consideration and has appeared as a regular in the television programs Notes from the Underbelly, Fat Actress and The Daily Show. But Harris might just have some competition in Hollywood: her own two dogs, Mabel and Rosco. These future celebridogs share their mother’s witty personality and selflessness, earning them the title of Most Eligible Pets.

Her pets get more than just the standard star treatment. Her French Bulldog Rosco, whose name is partly inspired by Harris’s work in an Outback Steakhouse commercial, has even joined her on set. Perhaps this sparked an interest in Rosco’s acting career. “You put a bowler hat on Rosco, and a cigar, and I think he would do really well in some Martin Scorsese films. He could really play a supporting role in Goodfellas 2.” And as for her German Shepherd, Mabel? Harris tells Animal Fair that Mabel’s “really serious, so she’d be good in a drama like Law and Order or Desperate Housewives. I could see Mabel mixing it up on Desperate Housewives with some of the other dogs. Like stealing boyfriends of the other dogs.”

But Harris is more dedicated to helping rescues like her Mabel than getting her dogs into showbiz. She works closely with Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles. Together they are working on building a permanent shelter for animals saved from being euthanized. To Harris, animals have always been influential. “I really feel they affect people at a profound level, they bring your stress down, they’re very unconditional, and all they want to do is just love you up.” By providing inspiration and always being “camera ready” pups, these dogs are definitely eligible pets.

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