Editor’s Picks: Tips to Enjoy the Summer Weather in Style


Summer is here and so is the heat!  Here are some products to keep your best friend from feeling the effects, as well as products  to show your  animal appreciation.

A Guy and His Dog Zuke’s Power Bones

Company: A Guy and His Dog

Item: Zuke’s Power Bones

On those long, hot jogs with your pooch, just one of these will keep him going longer than you!


Mrs. Waggytail’s Puppy Pops

Company: Mrs. Waggytail’s

Item: Puppy Pops

List Price:  $7.99

How else can your dog stay cool on those hot days?  Give him a pop!


Aromaleigh, Inc. Pampered Pooch Holistic Aromatheraphy Kit

Company: Aromaleigh, Inc.

Item: Pampered Pooch Holistic Aromatherapy Kit

List Price: $25

When you’ve both had a stressful week of running, jumping and panting, treat him to a day at your home doggie spa!  You’ll both feel better.


Chic Doggie by Corey
The Palm Beach Collection
Chic Doggie by Corey The Palm Beach Collection

Company: Chic Doggie by Corey

Item: The Palm Beach Collection

List Price: $125(left), $150(right)

Keep your dog looking chic on the beach and in the park this season with these adorable fashions.


Anita Lang Celtic Dog and
Horse Gold Chains
Anita Lang Celtic Dog and
Horse Gold Chains

Company: Anita Lang Collection

Item: Celtic Dog and Horse gold chains and Golden Retriever Pendant

List Price: Celtic Dog & Horse chains – $348

Golden Retriever Pendant – $349

What better way to show your love for your pet than with one of these gorgeous designs.


Windmere Innovative Pet Products Inc. Collar LITE Flashing Safety Collar

Company: Windmere Innovative Pet Products, Inc.

Item: Collar LITE, Flashing Safety Collar

On those leashless, summer night walks, when he runs ahead, you’ll be able to see him from a mile away.


Advanced Surf Systems, Beach Products bp jogger

Company: Advanced Surf Systems, Beach Products

Item: bp jogger

List Price:  $21.95

It’s coiled!  It stretches up to 6 feet!  And it helps you train him to stay with you.


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