Lebron James And Cane Corso Mastiff Moving Back To The Cleveland Cavaliers

  Perk up your ears, everyone, because there is big news for Cleveland! Lebron James just announced he's going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers! He has been playing for the Miami Heat for four years, but there's no doubt that this Ohio boy has a special spot in his heart for his home. Going with him will be his furry friend, King! The "big dog" in the basketball world is … [Read more...]

Independence Day! Pet Advice To Ensure A Happy 4th Of July!


Independence Day Agenda! The 4th of July is here and Wendy and Baby Hope are wagging their tails with excitement for this year’s festivities. But while Wendy loves the boom and dazzle of Fireworks, Baby Hope is less appreciative of this perplexing and LOUD form of human entertainment. Like any good pet parent, Wendy understands Baby Hope’s needs and now she’s created this … [Read more...]

Barkin’ July 4th Holiday Pet Safety Tips!

Catch Wendy and Baby Hope today on Sirius Radio's Frank Decaro SHOW AT 12:15 pm!       The 4th of July is a  favorite human holiday, characterized by friends, family, food, and, fireworks! A great boom heralds dazzling explosions of light as barbequed treats sizzle on the grill. The whole scene is a sensory delight, and naturally many well-intentioned … [Read more...]

Five Quick Pet Tips for a Furtastic 4th!


Fourth of July Quick Pet Tips! Resist the urge to take your pet to fireworks displays. Keep your pets indoors at home in a sheltered, quiet area. Some animals can become destructive when frightened, so be sure that you've removed any items that your pet could destroy or that would be harmful to your pet if chewed. Leave a television or radio playing at normal volume to … [Read more...]

DIY! Time For Your Dog’s Bark Mitzvah!

Make Your OwnBark Mitzvah

Make Your Own Bark Mitzvah! You’ve heard of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, but what about Bark Mitzvahs? All across America, “Japs” (Jewish American pooches) are pawing their way out of puppydom and into adulthood. Commemorate the milestone by hosting a traditional coming of age celebration for your pet!  “Bark” Mitzvahs give dogs the opportunity to demonstrate how they’ve shed … [Read more...]