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Maggie the Mastiff relaxes in her North Shore Fredric Olmstead Boston garden.

Dogs in their Gardens

“How dull a garden seems… without a dog disrupting its calmness…”  Page Dickey, author of Dogs in Their Gardens, starts off her introduction.  Dickey has taken a chance to combine her love for dogs and being a horticulturist into one work. In this book she leads you all over America and abroad through some of the most amazing gardens with mans best friend as their guide.  According to Dickey there are many gardeners who wouldn’t even think of tending their garden without their dog by…

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Dog weddings are on the rise, and not just in Hollywood!

Tips On Including Your Pets In Your Wedding March

  Walking down the aisle isn’t just for people anymore. More and more dog lovers, including celebrities like singer Carrie Underwood, rock star Gavin Rossdale, actress Tori Spelling, and Dylan Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s daughter and Candy Bar fame) are including their dogs in the most romantic day of their lives. If you’ve been lucky in love and you can’t bear to leave your favorite pooch out the excitement, why not include him or her in your wedding? If your dog is a natural around people…

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Put a little Feng Shui in your fur!

Westerners are soon to be wild over the idea that one ancient Eastern philosophy – Feng Shui – can help pet owners live in harmony with their pets. The idea is that when there is balance in our space, there is peace in co-existence – an extremely important aspect of living with any set of paws. New York architect and full-time Feng Shui Consultant, RD Chin, is showing pet owners how to “harmonize and balance their lives through their spaces, and to empower themselves and…

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Ruben Toledo

Ruben Toledo Paints A Vivid Picture – Inspired By Animal Subjects And His Designer Wife Isabel

  Artist and designer Ruben Toledo’s creative influence has little, if any, boundaries. He is, as his official biography describes, “at once a painter, sculptor, illustrator, fashion chronicler and critic;” Toledo himself says that he is simply an artist – he “tells stories and invents ideas, and tries to express emotions in a visual way.” From fashion illustrations in books to highly acclaimed exhibitions in museums, to flowing layouts throughout the pages of Vogue magazine, Toledo’s unmatched, surrealist style embraces a beauty and originality that…

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RIP George Rodrigue – On A Blue (Dog) Streak In New Orleans

    The Louisiana legend, George Rodrigue,  whose Blue Dog paintings made him famous worldwide, has died at age 69 after a long battle with cancer. RIP to a beautiful soul. Since its creation, the Blue Dog became George Rodrigue’s obsession. “Painting it has become as natural to me as eating and sleeping. I have become the Blue Dog man.” Known for his darkly evocative landscapes of his Bayou home in Louisiana, Rodrigue first conjured what would go on to become his staple image when…

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tillamook cheddar

Tillamook Cheddar: The Famous Painting Jack Russell Terrier!

  Tillie looks normal. In fact, like most Jack Russells, Tillie’s energetic, smart, and unquestionably cute. Like all dogs, she’ll do anything for a treat or a good walk. Not to mention she has mastered a secretive technique to digging up holes in her garden. Tillie is just like every other dog I know, except that she’s an artist. Yes, an artist. Tillamook Cheddar has been exhibiting her artwork since 1999 and has racked up a resume most human New York City artists would die…

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How to create a Pet Friendly Home!

Tips On How to Create A Pet-Friendly Home!

  Your pet isn’t just a furry four-legged animal that hangs out in your house.  They’re part of the family and it’s important to make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place to be.  It’s easy to customize every room in your home for your pet that will protect them from potentially health causing dangers that won’t cramp your personal style.  From specialty sheets to picking the right plants to keep in your home, these easy and affordable tips will make you the…

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Create Your Own Green Catscape: But Be Aware Of Outdoor Plants Toxic To Cats – And Dogs!

  Your garden is a whole other world to your cats!  It can be either a very boring or a very fascinating place for them, from where they can survey their territory and guard it as their own.  The more complex the garden, the happier the cats are.  They like places to sit in the sun and spots of shade, by bushes to lurk under or sniff around. Cats seek areas to explore, scratch and mark with their scent. If you are afraid that your…

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dog on couch

Happy National Organization Month! Tips On How to Keep Your Pet Organized!

January is National Organization Month – Quick Tip On How to Keep Your Pet Info Organized We use our mobile devices for everything – from organizing our schedules to finding the name of the song that just came on the radio. Since our pets are instrumental parts of our lives, there should be an app that allows us to share and keep all of our pet knowledge in one easily accessible place. Springpad, the smart notebook app that makes it easy for four million users…

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Dog lying down on couch

Happy Organization Month! Keep Your Pet’s Home Clean, Green, and Cancer-Free!

  Everybody wants to have a clean home, and the shelves of grocery stores are overflowing with attractively packaged options to keep your living space “sparkling!” and “anti-bacterial!” – but at what cost? Most commercial cleaning products contain extremely high levels of cancer-causing chemicals that could be harmful to your entire family, but especially your pet. Household cleaning products present myriad dangers to your pet. Because animals, especially those with anxiety, are apt to chew on just about anything, it’s all too easy for your…

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