Dear @LuckyDiamond: How Can I Help Out With My Pet Parent’s Wedding?


  Dear Lucky, Lucky, I have a two-part problem that is quite urgent. My owner is getting married this summer to a wonderful man and I have totally given her my blessing. However, the wedding preparations are overwhelming and she is ready to tear her hair out. What can I do to relieve my sweet owner of some of her stress? On top of that, her fiancé owns a rugged and … [Read more...]

Dear @LuckyDiamond – What should I get my best cat friend for Hanukkah?

If you have a doggy dilemma or  a confused cat looking for advice, don't hesistate to ask @ Baby Hope has taken on the legacy of Lucky - she has been around the block so no worries she is just as clever and can answer all your questions! Dear Lucky, Chanukah is here, and I cannot decide what present to get for my new best friend Kitty … [Read more...]

In Honor Of @luckydiamond – A Dog’s Bucket List!

Wendy has traveled the world to help animals!

A Dog’s Bucket List - everyday living we should cherish..       The phrase “bucket list” gets thrown around a lot these days, but few actually take the time to draft a list of their own, or to help out with someone else's. It’s understandable; the idea is bittersweet, to say the least, and few are comfortable with devoting so much thought to the … [Read more...]

@TheMCSPCA How Much is that Doggie in the Window? Priceless!


Next time you feel the urge to splurge at the Freehold Mall in Freehold, New Jersey, consider adopting! Now you can look at the doggie in the window for real and save a life! MCSPCA’s newly-opened adoption facility, located inside the mall itself allows people to meet the animals in a beautiful store rather than the shelter that may not be as serene! Hopefully this concept will … [Read more...]

Dear @LuckyDiamond – Is The Back Of A Hog The Place For A Dog?

I wouldn't put Baby in the corner:)

  Baby Hope will live on Lucky's column and legacy in promoting animal welfare and rescue! Dear Lucky, My daddy just bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle - total mid-life crisis - and is ready to hit the road with me in tow. I’d like to think I was “born to be wild,” I love the wind in my face, but I don’t think there are enough seat belts. Am I going to be … [Read more...]