In Honor Of The Oscars! How To Make Your Pet A Star!


Bash Dibra with two of his star pets.


Bash Dibra, celebrated dog trainer to such human superstars as Mariah Carey, Kim Basinger, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, wrote a book titled, StarPet and holds Star Pet Workshops, an animal-actors workshop designed to transform even the most dedicated couch potato pets into bono fido performing stars. If your pet is ready for lights, camera and lots of action, then here are some helpful answers, guides and tips by Bash Dibra to get our pet camera ready for the big time!

Dear Bash,

My dog has the most outgoing personality and loves to perform. I think she is destined for stardom! How can I hone in on her skills and really make a SUPER STAR out of her?

Answer: A star dog is born each and every day. It’s simply a matter of teaching your dog how to shine! Check out my Star Pet Workshops where aspiring dogs are taught to sit up and beg, carry objects, crawl, roll over and play dead, jump into someone’s arms or speak on cue. It sounds like your dog views performing as an exciting kind of play. Star Pet Workshops can provide a substantial payoff!

Dear Bash,

My dog has been in several TV commercials. No matter where we go, it never fails – people stop and admire his looks. They always ask for a picture or a paw print to frame. When we go out to restaurants, he always gets served before any other customers. How do I make sure all this attention doesn’t go to his head?

Answer: It’s important to keep your dog star grounded. Fame has a way of creeping up on dogs and before you know it, their heads are bigger than their dog houses! Encourage your dog to remain close with the neighborhood dogs who knew him BEFORE he was famous. Don’t spoil him too much at home or treat him any differently from his siblings. This will help keep things in perspective.

Dear Bash,

My cat is up for a HUGE print campaign. I need to build her portfolio and get a variety of pictures to the agent right away. Any suggestions?

Answer: You know what your cat likes–use it to your advantage! Bust out those feathers and strings and put them to work. The intensity of the enticement of these toys will increase the intensity of her “look.” Her gaze, the turn of her head, the twitch of a whisker, etc. Use balls, batons, wands or creepy crawlies to elicit tons of action shots of various speeds and intensity.

Dear Bash,

My cat has a sour look about him and a sour personality to match. I know first impressions are key! Do you think his chances of ever working in this industry are zero to zilch?

Answer: Absolutely not! Brand him for what he is. There are plenty of roles out there that don’t require smiling. If a script calls for an ill-tempered cat, your puss face fits the bill! Zero in on your cat’s one of a kind, unique brand and think outside of the box. There are plenty of dog stars in Hollywood who have mean reputations, but that doesn’t take away from their skills.

Dear Bashluckywedding datesecuredownload,

My dog is new in this business and needs lots of promotion. Any tips on where to start marketing my rising star?

Answer: Get involved in community events. Let everybody know who your pet is, what he can do and what he’s available for. Special events, fund raisers, etc. are perfect venues for your dog to help attract business. Schools provide a great opportunity to get a fan club going. Your little star can be the mascot for a sports team or drama club. Don’t forget the 4-H Club as well! Be a guest on your local radio station or local TV show. These venues offer amazing opportunities to promote your dog! Last but not least, newspapers and flyers are great ways to feature your star pet in a story and get the word out!

Our Beloved Lucky Appeared In Movies, TV and became a worldwide icon for her work in helping animals! Thanks To Bash Dibra!


GROOMING: Brings out the best in your breed.

FASHIONISTAS:  Bring several designer clothes, classic collar, a leash, and their best treats.

EXERCISE:  Go out for a jog, be in shape.

STUDY: Review basic steps such as; heel, sit, down.

SURPRISE:  Have an extra trick under your collar such as; sit-up and hold.

STRIKE A POSE: Portfolio of photos (including close-ups, long shots, and your animal doing community service), a professional photographer is always best!

CLOSE-UPS: Have a video of your “Star” performing tricks.

COMFORT IS KEY: When traveling the country the right crate must be used.

VISIT THTE VET: Make sure you are updated with all medical shots.

And always act like a star!

Please always remember when your pet becomes a star to always give back to the community!  Support your local shelter and adopt!  For  more information visit: 

If you want your pet to dress like a star at animal rescue events you must know Anthony Rubio – pet designer extraordinaire! 

Anthony Rubio's One of A Exquisite Dog Fashion To Make Your Pet Look Like A Star.  Photo
Anthony Rubio’s Exquisite Dog Fashion To Make Your Pet Look Like A Star. Photo


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