In Honor of Westminster! How to Adopt a Purebred Dog or Cat!




Whether you want a Golden Retriever, an Akita, Siamese Cat or a Portuguese Water dog,
there’s a breed-specific rescue group out there who will be happy to assist you in adopting!

First decide which breed is right for you. Consider these questions and do your homework!  There are over 5 million animals up for adoption in shelters nationwide!  Every size, every age, every breed and every temperament is up for adoption! Please consider giving a wonderful animal a home this Holiday!

Size: Do you really want to try walking a Bull Mastiff if you are living in
a busy city? Or would you prefer a Chihuahua that can hang out in your dog

Safety: Do you want a protective guard dog? Think Rottweiler, not Retriever.

Temperament: Need a dog that’s good with kids? Look for Bernese Mountain
Dogs or Beagles.

Energy: Can you handle a playful and rambunctious Lab that runs wildly
throughout your house if he doesn’t get enough daily exercise? If not, look
at a calmer breed like Basset Hounds.

Companionship: Do you want a dog that needs lots of attention and
interaction? Or a more independent breed that do esn’t mind being left alone
during the day? Think Chow Chow!

Allergies: Do you have allergies? Get a hypoallergenic dog such as a Maltese, Bichon Frise or Poodle!

Grooming: Are you willing to spend lots of time and money on grooming?
If not, stay away from Lhasa Apsos and Maltese.

You can easily find rescue groups online that carry certain breeds, just
search for “rescue” and the breed name.  A Mutt is as adorable as any pure breed – the AKC just does not recognize the breed!  If you don’t find what you want, ask any other rescue and shelter places, or try the Humane Society or SPCA in your local community. The rescuers know who the other rescuers are! Remember support your local shelter! Please also if you decide to buy a pure bred – make sure you find a responsible breeder!

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