5 Signs That Your Dog Is In Puppy Love With You!

5 Signs That Your Dog Is In Puppy Love With You!


1. They are always there to say hi to you at the door:

This doesn’t mean that your pup is going bonkers every time you walk in the house. If your dog can’t control their wagging tail and barking every time you come home, it could mean that they are experiencing separation anxiety. Your best furry friend might be afraid that you won’t be coming back whenever you leave, even though you wouldn’t dream of leaving your best friend behind. I’m sure that if they could come everywhere with you, they would be right by your side! If your pup is calmly approaching you with a wagging tale (think of the slightly wiggly butt and smiling face) when you come home, it’s enough to tell you that your dog is happy to see you and absolutely crazy about you.


2. Your dog makes soft and sweet puppy-dog eyes at you:

In the human world, we make eye contact to show that we are engaged and paying attention. It’s also how we show affection to one another! No doubt your dog is looking at you – you make sure that he or she is happy, comfortable, fed, and having fun… They are your fur-baby, after all. There’s a new study that tells us that dogs who stare at their owner’s spike oxytocin levels, or increase the levels of the “love hormone” in their system. The release of oxytocin is mutual, of course; Increased eye contact between dog and owners can spike oxytocin levels in people as well. So when your dog gives you those irresistible puppy-dog eyes, it’s a benefit to both of you! No wonder you are so happy to see your favorite furry friend when you get home!

Note that this is special, as prolonged eye contact between two dogs can be considered aggressive… Remember that eye contact with an unknown dog can be perceived as threatening, and no one wants to get on another dog’s bad side!


3. You get lots of cuddles (without the promise of treats):

If your dog comes to you when it isn’t dinner time, or you don’t have a treat in your hand, it is a sign of pure puppy love. It means that your dog really just enjoys your company, and trusts you to give him or her the love that they give you in return. You’re the best of friends, and they absolutely love their cuddle sessions!


4. Your dog is always close to or by your side:

When you were little, did you ever have your mom tell you to stop following her around like a little puppy dog? Well, do you ever notice that your pup is in the same room as you, but not hounding you for attention? They may be taking a snooze or laying down near you, just happy to be in your space. The fact that they have chosen the spot closest to you means that they want to be in your company, and love you.


5. Your pup is begging you to fetch:

When we are depressed, anxious, or scared, we have no desire to get up and have fun… Dogs, man (and woman’s) best friend, act the same way – it’s no wonder we get along so well. Happy, content puppy dogs that are in puppy love with their people are much more likely to run around the house with their favorite toy. Is your furry friend consistently bringing you their favorite ball or squeaky toy? Give it a throw, they’re bound to love you even more. What pup doesn’t love playtime!


What is NOT a sign of affection?

Your dog getting anxious or nervous when you are about to leave them. It may seem cute that they are so sad to see you go, but that can be a sign of puppy separation anxiety. It is the leading cause of behavioral problems according to Neuroscientist Gregory Berns, author of How Dogs Love Us. Of course your dog may be unconditionally bonded to you, you are his or her person! But well-adjusted and comfortable dogs are confident that you will return and do not appear anxious when you leave them. They’ll always be waiting for you, happy to see you, tail wagging!


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