Working Like A Dog? 15 Ways To Keep Your Employees Tails Wagging

Get more tail-wagging tips like these from Wendy Diamond’s new book How To Train Your Boss To Rollover!


dog_checks_computer-600x367Dogs and people are more productive in a happier environment. When they are happier, these animals are more creative, friendlier, and don’t look at their environment as a chain holding them back from chasing their dreams. A company is like a close pack of dogs, and employers can take a few pointers from their alpha dog counterparts to make the working environment a happier, more productive place.

1) Your employees, like loyal dogs, want to feel their work is appreciated. Give them a positive word or a small treat for their accomplishments and they’ll be begging for more!

2) You don’t have to wait for a formal review to scratch your employees behind the ears a little bit. Being top dog means you can give out praise anytime.

3) Not all employees can pull the weight of a diligent Rottweiler, but all have their own special qualities. Don’t forget to appreciate the loyal golden retriever or the friendly Chihuahua.

4) Even if members of your pack don’t do everything perfectly, make sure to reward hard work when you see it.

5) Barks of approval are never too loud or too frequent! Thank you’s are always welcome!

6) Don’t rely on your employees tags to know their names. Make sure you are able to call everyone by name.

7) If your workers know you care, they’ll be more open to working with you. The alpha dog should be friendly and attentive to the pack’s personal lives and interests.

8) Humans, like dogs, are happiest when they can socialize with others. The more fun and social your work space is, the happier the environment will be. Have a ball, throw your workers a bone.

9) Micromanagement puts too much stress on your employees. Being top dog doesn’t mean you have to dig all the holes yourself — make sure you let your pack run by itself when it can and step in when you are needed.

10) Sometimes being alone, having some time off, is the best incentive for your workers. There’s nothing like sitting out in the sun with your favorite toy, and just enjoying the calm. Your employees know this. So instead of offering a raise or bonus, offer your employees a little time to play by themselves.

11) Nobody likes being an inside dog all the time, so make sure your workers can get out and breathe a little when they need it. The sun gives them Vitamin D and a little serenity away from the kennel during the day. Integrate outdoor activities into your work day or offer a workout area where they can stretch their legs, instead of having to chase their tails.

12) The upkeep of your workspace is directly tied to your workers’ happiness. Make sure they aren’t kenneled in an environment with harsh lighting or monotonous decorating. Every worker needs a plant to sniff and their water bowls filled to feel appreciated.

13) Let your workers stretch their legs and scratch their backs every once in a while.

14) Encourage your workers to take off their leashes every once in a while. Vacations allow employees to cut loose, refresh, and replenish their motivation.

15) Most meetings in the workplace are to bring out the newspaper and correct bad actions of employees. Have weekly meetings to mention the good things your employees are doing.

How to train Your boss to rollover

Get more tail-wagging tips like these from Wendy Diamond’s new book How To Train Your Boss To Rollover. From body language to proper professionalism, this insightful guide to the fundamentals of the workplace is a must read for dog enthusiasts and business people looking to get an edge in the dog-eat-dog world of work.


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