Fetch your Funny Bone with Cartoonist Dan Reynolds

It’s a pre-historic game of dodgeball. It’s a pig who does great voice-overs. Now, it’s a magician getting his trick knee looked at by a physician. Whatever it is, it’s drawn by cartoonist Dan Reynolds and it’s bound to tickle anyone’s funny bone.

Reynolds, boasted as one of Reader’s Digest‘s most published cartoonists, combines anything from animal humor to topic political issues to tackling that classic conundrum of why the chicken really did cross the road.

And millions of readers from the United States to Canada to Australia see his cartoons, not only in Reader’s Digest, but also on Americang Greeting cards, HBO’s The Sorpronos and in books collections including Birthday Bash!, Christmas Meltdown, Now They All Have Window Seats, and How Aging Affects Belt Height, all featuring a ton of pet cartoons.

But, where does Reynolds get his inspiration? Some of it no doubt comes from his experiences as a dog lover.

Yes, the talented cartoonist and humorist also owns a black lab named Smokey (No, not the bear, he said in an email to Animal Fair).

As any pet parent knows, there are an incredible amount of comedic experiences that go along with having a dog as a companion. Be it the muddy dog jumping on your judgmental mother-in-law when she walks in the door or watching him curiously chase his tail, being a pet parent provides endless amounts of entertainment that could inspire the best of cartoons.

Check out Dan Reynolds’ cartoons at his website reynoldsunwrapped.com, or look for him in Reader’s Digest!

Dog Bone Tree
Dan Reynolds, cartoon.
Dan Reynolds, cartoon.
Dan Reynolds, cartoon.
Dan Reynolds, cartoon.
Dan Reynolds, cartoon.



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