Before you adopt ask yourself, can you afford a dog?

If you want a little love in your life then we would encourage you to consider adopting a puppy from a shelter, but you need to think very carefully before you go through with an adoption. Always remember that a canine companion is a luxury in life. Buying, and caring for, a pooch can be expensive.

dog with money
What are the initial costs involved with adopting a mutt?
If you want to adopt a mutt from a shelter then you will usually have to pay a fee to the shelter; this is your first outlay and it’s only the start. These fees reflect the care a dog receives while in the shelter, and often include the cost of spaying or neutering which can be high. It’s difficult to give an average amount for the cost of adoption as it varies so much from shelter to shelter, but it could be around $100-$150.

It’s not just the pooch you have to pay for though; then you have all the essentials to account for; collar and leash, kennel, dishes and bowls, bed and toys. Before you know it you’ve probably spent around $500, especially if spaying or neutering isn’t included in the adoption fees.

What about the ongoing costs?


Beagle puppy eating
Obviously the costs of caring for your new pet doesn’t stop after the adoption, it continues month on month, year on year. You have to budget for food, health insurance, a license, additional medical costs, toys and treats, boarding fees and a little extra just in case. The average monthly cost of caring for a medium sized mutt is around $70. That’s a lot of money, but of course you will get a lot of love in return.
Should I adopt?

adopt a mutt
If you haven’t currently got a spare $70 per month just waiting for you to do something with it then you really do need to think whether it’s going to be too much of a stretch to adopt a dog; and that’s without the initial outlay. You have to properly consider adoption, and not do it on a whim, or because your children want a puppy. Remember you could have around 15 years of the extra expense.
If you do have the finances, and the time and love to give, then go to your local shelter and speak to them about adopting a mutt to join your family.