New Year’s Resolutions Are In For All Paws!


Here's to a healthy and happy new year!
Here’s to a healthy and happy new year!


It’s that time again – New Year! We all know what the New Year entails: new beginnings, releasing the past, and of course, resolutions! That’s right – it’s time once again to sit down, write your list and go paws to the wall! Here are some resolutions you might consider if your list is lacking in any way.


Probably the most popular New Year’s resolution is a promise to exercise. Cut the catnaps and work your tail off at the gym. This will get you ready for the fashions of spring and the styles of summer. So turn the bulge into beauty and go to the gym! Exercising will help get rid of those well-deserved pounds from the holidays, not to mention your kitty-couture will fit like a glove! Now don’t over do it and treadmill every hour, just be aware of your health this year and the following years to come. Not only will it make you feel better physically, but emotionally. Being fit, or just trying to stay more active, will give you such an ego boost that you’ll no doubt be the cat’s meow – not that you weren’t already! “Exercise daily … your right to indulge!”


Shop Less

Last year you were in debt up to your whiskers but had a fabulous array of shoes, frisbees and scratching posts. But this is a new you; a fresh year of responsible shopping (one visit to the stores a week rather than your usual five), and … bargain shopping! If that sent a shiver up your spine, shake it off then try other alternatives to shopping. If you still can’t stay away from your haven, take a frugal friend to the stores with you to help curb your insatiable appetite for – everything! Keep busy! Go to the park with your furry friend, stay at home and read a book, or perhaps catch up on your Animal Fair Magazine “know-how”. The possibilities are endless in avoiding the shopping demon, you just have to find out what works best for you, but stick to it – your credit cards will thank you later! “Spend a little time everyday doing what comes naturally. Shopping!”


Skip the Gossip 

Cat got your tongue? Well, mums the word for 2006. We all enjoy the daily dish about the weird girl who overdoses on sugar packets and has a spastic tick, or the news on a friend who you’ve had for years but are now coming to find that you really don’t like. But try and limit the gossip for the New Year. Swipe at the rumors and snap at those dishing in front of you to keep the peace and gain peace of mind. No one likes or trusts a gossiper. Keep to yourself this year without unnecessary drama; Necessary drama though, is a whole other subject.

Treat Yourself

You work hard, so play hard. Treat yourself once a week to a “mane”icure or a facial after work; it’s a lot of work being purrfect, even though you do it so well. So pamper yourself to relax your mind and your body. For those of you who aren’t touchy-feely, there are so many other options to choose from. Alone time can satisfy anyone in need of solitude. Taking a walk with your thoughts, pet and good tunes can aid in keeping you centered and sane! Don’t be afraid to stay home either. Home is where the hero and chips are! Unwind and snuggle with your partner, or pet. “When life gets stressful, nothing can soothe the soul like the great indoors.”

Craving Chocolate

Brownies, butterfingers and bon-bons oh my! Chocolate, the comforter, best friend in times of crisis and addiction for all – but not you! 2006 brings strength and will power against the addictive sweetness. Sniff the confection and keep it moving! Now don’t get frantic. You can (and should) indulge once in a while, but if your house starts smelling like a Hershey’s Chocolate factory, take this resolution as step number one to conquering your love of chocolate. Try a healthier alternative when you have a craving, like carrots or mango sorbet. Chocolate will always be around – so don’t be afraid to indulge sometimes. But, don’t become a brownie either. Carrots are key for 2006!

“It may be true that love is all you need … but sometimes chocolate is all you want.” Just remember PAWS OFF!

Love Yourself 

The final and most important resolution of all – love yourself. Maintain a positive cat-titude and let nothing hold you back. Be the best with your intellectual prowess and pounce at any chance to learn more, love more and live more. Accept your flaws and laugh at yourself. Notice your weaknesses and be open to work on them, but if you can’t; they make you who you are. Breathe in a little deeper when you walk; inhale newness and exhale life. Embrace the curve of your spine and never forget – you’ll always land on your feet.


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