Travel Home for the Holidays With Wilson, A Tiny Taoist Pug With A Great Big Heart

Wilson, the Taoist Pug
Wilson, the Taoist Pug


This holiday season, put a little Tao under the tree, let visions of sweet-as-sugar pugs dance in your head, and follow Wilson, the precious pug, on his adorable adventure in Homer for the Holidays, the second installment of doggie tales from authors Nancy Levine and Wilson, her precious pug, who is the muse and inspiration for the stories.


In the first installment, The Tao of Pug, Levine and Wilson introduce Wilson the Pug, a wise and lovable Taoist pup whose purpose in life is to “Do the Right Thing.” This time the “right thing” involves a precious, homeless, pug puppy, whom Wilson dubs “Homer.” Always searching for a good deed to do, the clever and caring Wilson makes it his mission to find Homer a home for the holidays. With a little help from Santa, his mission is accomplished.


Throughout their joyful and sometimes scary journey, the profound pug Wilson teaches Homer, by example, the principles of the Tao–te Ching, the ancient Chinese text authored by the philosopher Lao-Tzu. Wilson is, in fact, a direct descendant of Pug-Tzu, the pooch companion of the great Lao-tzu. Wilson’s wisdom has been passed on to him through many generations of pugs, and now, with a little help from his human companion, Nancy Levine, he is passing these principles on to us by way of the lessons his adventures illustrate, as well as Levine’s adorably expressive photographs of Wilson and Homer’s endearing holiday quest.


Nancy Levine knew there was something very special about Wilson when she adopted him as a pup. She recalled, “He was such a pensive little puppy, that I knew right away he was either a wise sage or had some sort of congenital illness…” As Wilson matured, Levine saw the potential of sharing his wisdom with the world through her talents as a writer and photographer. “Inspired by Wilson’s…innate wisdom, I had a general idea to write a book,” she explained. Soon after, she spoke to a psychic who told her that Elvis told her to call the book The Tao of Pug. She dismissed this prophecy at first, but became convinced when, an hour later, she said, “My partner came home with a collar for Wilson featuring a Yin Yang sign…and the rest, as they say, is history.”


Levine and Wilson have been writing together ever since. Wilson communicates his paws, or rather, pearls of wisdom to Levine, and she records them for him. “When I write, I simply put myself into Wilson’s paws. It’s kind of like a Vulcan mind-meld. If I’m stuck on something, I’ll put a question to Wilson directly. He’ll cock his head from side to side, and then voila! The answer comes to me,” she revealed. The two make quite a prolific team.


Wilson has become a sage-celebrity, of sorts. Yet, he remains a centered, down-to-earth little dog. Wilson proclaimed, as translated by Levine, “When I was not famous, that was OK. Now I am famous, and that’s OK.” Levine and Wilson have welcomed real-life Homer into their home as well, and now there’s another prominent pug in the family. While Wilson spends most of his time “just being,” Levine says, “Homer is much more interested in usual doggy fare, playing, chewing, eating, barking, chasing…and yes, unfortunately, eating cat poop.” Fittingly, Wilson and Homer are a yin and yang pair.

Wilson takes the homeless pup, Homer, into his care.
Wilson takes the homeless pup, Homer, into his care.


You don’t have to be a Taoist or even a pug-ist to adore Homer for the Holidays. This book is absolutely adorable, funny and so heartwarming that you’ll be roasting chestnuts on your chest. Anyone with a heart will fall in love with Wilson and his homeless pooch pal and learn what makes this irresistible little pug’s big heart tick. Move over Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this season there’s a new scene-stealer—Wilson, the pug-nosed Taoist!

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