Happy Hanukkah Gifts For Your Precious Pets!

This year the festival of Hanukkah runs from 16th December to 24th December, as a celebration of the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks, and the retaking of the Jewish Temple. This festival of lights remembers the lighting of the Temple’s menorah which, although it only had oil enough to burn for one day, actually burned for eight.

Cute Dog in Hannukah Outfit
At this time of celebration in the Jewish calendar why not include your pet. We’ve selected eight great Hanukkah themed gifts that are sure to make your furry friend very happy.
1. Singing Dreidel plush dog toy

Hanukkah squeaky dog toy
This fun, six and a half inch long, toy plays “I Have a Little Dreidel” when it’s squeezed, so your pooch will have plenty of fun playing with it throughout Hanukkah and well beyond. This Multipet toy retails on Amazon for $14.94.
2. Hanukkah t-shirt for a pampered pooch

Hanukkah dog t-shirt
You and your dog already know that they are spoiled all year round, but this t-shirt from Pampered Puppy officially recognizes the Hanukkah pampering. This quirky item of doggie wear retails at $22.99 so why not treat your pet and let them wear it with pride.
3. Hanukkah catnip toys

Hanukkah catnip toys
You can’t forget your cat companion during the celebrations. These catnip toys, which feature a dreidel and gelt, retail on Etsy for $12.00 and are perfect for a pampered puss.
4. Breakaway cat collar

Hanukkah cat collar
You can protect your cat from getting hurt by giving them this cat collar for Hanukkah. It’s designed to open should your feline friend ever get caught up on anything. Not only is this gift practical, it’s also beautifully decorated with the Star of David and dreidels. Available from Etsy, this collar retails for $9.50.
5. Squeaky Menorah toy

Hanukkah squeaky toy
Any playful puppy will love making a noise with this brightly colored chew toy that commemorates the menorah of the Hanukkah story. It’s a fun gift that’s easy for any size of dog to carry around and it retails on Amazon for $12.79.
6. Happy Chanukah dog scarf

Hanukkah dog scarf
You can make your mutt the envy of all his friends with this Lycra scarf designed especially for the most fashionable dog at the festivities. The scarf retails for $14.99 from Pampered Puppy.
7. Dog coat for Hanukkah

Hanukkah dog coat
If you’ve already purchased the t-shirt and the scarf then why not go the whole way and treat your cuddly canine to this eye-catching dog coat which retails at Pampered Puppy for $37.99. They’ll certainly turn heads when you next take them out for a walk.
8. An assortment of tasty treats

Hanukkah dog treats
Your puppy may have plenty to wear but we’re sure they’d appreciate something to eat. This delicious doggie gift consists of several edibles items, including a cool shalom bone, all of which are made from peanut butter dough. It retails for $7.95 from Dog Park Publishing.
We’ve given you a few ideas for the perfect pet present, but if you really want to make a difference this Hanukkah then why not adopt a pet from your local shelter, and make them welcome in your home.

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