10 Thanksgiving Foods that Will Have Your Pooch Thanking You!


The aroma of apple pie fills the air. The family’s got their eyes glued to the big game. The doorbell keeps ringing. The kids are fighting over the last turkey leg. With so many distractions on Thanksgiving, pet parents need to keep an extra eye on their four-legged guests before they steal a bite of the big meal. Not to worry though, Animal Fair is coming to the rescue with a list of 10 foods that, in small portions, are okay for your furry friends to munch on while you’re entertaining guests. So pull up a chair at the doggy table and check out what’s on the menu!

1. Tasty Turkey

Cooked poultry bones can break easily, may get stuck in your pet’s throat or bruise their stomachs, so if your pooch wants some extra protein on their plate stick to white-meat turkey with no skin or bones. They’ll gobble it up!

2. Yummy Yams

Although your favorite version may be decked out with caramelized brown sugar and marshmallows, hold the sweets when you serve them to your sweetie pie. They’re rich, delicious and filled with fiber.

3. All-American Apple Slices

Raw apple slices are a great way to hold your dog over until the main course. (And make sure Fido remembers to eat his fruit!)


4. Have a (S)mashing Good Time!

Mashed potatoes without the gravy and butter please! Fatty foods can cause inflammation of the pancreas so serve up some plain mashed potatoes without the skin for your pooch.

5. A Canine Energy Booster

Give your pooch a few kernels of corn and the carbs will keep them from dozing off (before you) after the meal!

6. Don’t Forget The Cranberries!

While humans may disagree whether jello or sauce recipes are best, dogs know they both taste great! Serve your dog a small amount – watch the sugar content – and they’ll get a tasty dose of vitamin C and antioxidants.

7. Get Stuffed!

Everyone’s favorite side dish is also okay for pooches to nibble on. Just make sure their serving of your famous stuffing doesn’t have onions, garlic or strong herbs, like sage, in it.

8. Wag Your Veggie Tails!

Make sure your pooch leaves room for veggies on their plate. Carrots, Broccoli or String Beans are nutrient packed to keep your hound healthy. Keep it simple by steaming them plain without season or salt.

9. Got Canine Calcium?

Want to give them something to wash down that divine meal? Fill their doggy bowl with some milk! It will strengthen their bones and keep them quenched.

10. As Sweet As Pumpkin!

Does your pooch have a sweet tooth? Give them plain canned pumpkin instead of pumpkin pie or pie filling.


Thanksgiving and Pets! Have a safe Turkey Day!
Thanksgiving and Pets! Have a safe Turkey Day!

Treat your furry friend with these foods and they’ll be wishing every day was Thanksgiving! And they’ll find it so yummy, you won’t have to make them a doggy bag for leftovers!

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