Tips For Giving Your Pup An Unforgettable Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving, we humans are faced with worries as big as the feast. Will we survive another visit from our in-laws? Will your favorite football team stop breaking our hearts and win a game on Thanksgiving? One thing that should not be on our mind, however, is whether our pets are at risk this holiday. These four tips will help keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, we do not have any tips to prevent your uncle from drinking to much and passing out in the back yard.

1.   All that turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and sweet potato pie may be delicious, but it can be deadly for you pooch. Fatty table scraps can give your dog Pancreatitis, while turkey bones can splinter and tear your pet’s digestive tract. Even a little raisin can cause kidney failure in your furry friend! Pumpkin pie is too sweet for your sweetie pie and can cause vomiting or diarrhea in large quantities. If Fido is eyeing your slice of pie, just give them a taste or give them plain pumpkin filling. Remember this the next time you want to let your dog “gobble” down some turkey.

Thanksgiving turkey dog

2.   We’d all love a giant, inflatable, light-up turkey in our front yard, but excessive  decorations can be dangerous. Loose extension chords, wires and lights may be a pain in the tail, but for your dog, they can be a literal pain. Make sure all wires are taped down or out of reach. Things can get very “shocking” if your pooch decides to chow down on a loose cable!

3.   Disappointed at the thought of no turkey or stuffing, your little pal might make a break for it. Just kidding. But it is very important that your dog has the right identification on his or her tag and collar. Since many family and friends will be coming in and out of the house, the furriest family member might slip out through the door. If your pet has a little tracking chip, that is even better. It is a quicker and easier way to find him and it will also make you feel like James Bond!

4.   Your dad screaming so loud at the Cowboys that they can hear him through the television is unavoidable, but try to avoid huge spectacles like parades. The shouting crowds and huge floats may frighten your pet, so stay home or at a relative’s home. Plus, wouldn’t you be a little freaked out if you saw a giant Snoopy balloon floating your way?

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