Greek Island Animal Rescue – Animal Zone International





Animal Zone International is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, dedicated to the protection of animals and the environment.

From its start eight years ago, the work of AZI has taken place on the Greek island of Amorgos,  a stunningly beautiful place and a cradle of ancient culture, but in urgent need of help. AZI operates  with the support of the Municipality of the island and local volunteers, as everybody realizes that an ecologically improved environment will benefit the welfare of the inhabitants and attract a more sophisticated type of tourism.


The educational and clinical work carried out so far has already begun to significantly transform the relation between a sizable portion of the local population and  its environment,  providing diversified working opportunities  for an impoverished labor force.    In collaboration with the Mayor and the City Council of Amorgos, AZI has managed to improve the deplorable conditions in which many animals are forced to live, and has established educational programs aimed at illustrating healthier ways to handle environmental issues.

AZI opened a center for the treatment and care of animals. Hundreds of cats and dozens of dogs have been spayed/neutered through the program. AZI established a stable for neglected horses, mules, and donkeys, offering shelter, food and healthcare, and regularly distributes food and medicine to many stray animals.  AZI rescues, cares for, and prepares cats and dogs for adoption. Families in Holland, Germany, Italy, England, and the United States have adopted animals.


In 2012, a full-time job was established for AZI’s Local Program Coordinator and a part-time job for an Assistant Coordinator. AZI has also provides paid jobs for veterinarians, carpenters and construction workers who build and maintain AZI’s facilities. Ongoing cooperation has been developed with the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF) and the Greek Volunteer Vets (EDKE).

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