Wendy And Baby Hope Are In A “Happy” Place

I’m on my way back to NYC from Sacramento with my new little adorable Coton runt puppy, he has some light mental disabilities which he might grow out of over time. I’d like to introduce you to Happy Diamond!

The reality, sad, and heartbreaking truth is my beloved Baby Hope’s heart is failing, and she is getting weaker every day. Someone like me who loves animals, really appreciates having a dog in her life. Baby Hope will never be replaced and will always be in my heart. I’m hoping she will teach Happy the tricks and trades of being my pet, and the furry mascot for Animal Fair Media. Hope is passing the baton to Happy.

Baby Hope actually saved me, and was a true gift when she entered my life. She brought me so much hope just before my first dog and Animal Fair Maltese mascot Lucky died. Many of you that have followed me and Animal Fair will certainly remember Lucky! A friend asked me to foster a senior dog; Baby Hope. I never planned on keeping her at the time, and although a little ruff around the edges, she was paw-sitively heaven sent. The morning Lucky passed over the Rainbow Bridge, I awoke to find Baby nestled right up next to Lucky. It was as if they had their own spiritual canine code. Baby comforted Lucky as she jumped to the big dog park on the other side. After saying goodbye to Lucky, I decided to adopt Baby after fostering her for three weeks.

Now my wish is that Happy helps Baby Hope do the same, as she transcends and ascends to where Lucky is holding a special place for her in Hound Heaven. I envision Lucky greeting Baby with a wagging tail and spiritual treats.

Baby Hope and Happy are off to a great start, and have been following each other around, wagging tail, sniffing, sharing space and cuddling.


Here is Happy’s barkstory!  I have been in contact over the years with Hailey a renowned Coton de Tulear Breeder in supporting her efforts to protect this wonderful breed! She knew of my situation with my beloved Baby Hope who was very ill with heart failure, and slowly declining. A miracle happened.. She called me to let me know about her recent litter where one Coton puppy with some health issues needed a loving home.  A man bought this Coton for his mother who tragically passed away in  the Napa Fires.  He asked Hailey to give this sweet pup to a loving home.  Literally 24 hours later I was the HAPPYest person person in the world –  flew across the country to adopt this little puppy!

Happy is the most inquisitive and spirited puppy, and resembles a canine combination of Lucky and Baby. He has the angelic white face and fur of Lucky, and the deep soulful eyes of Baby Hope.

I am beyond grateful!  I have always adopted senior pets and this is the first time I have a rescued a puppy!  Wish me luck HE IS A BOY!

Please send positive thoughts and prayers to Baby Hope and Happy for a smooth and loving transition…


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