Happy National Cat Day! It’s A Purrfect Day To Celebrate Your Cat!



It’s a time to celebrate our feline pals! Everyday our cat friend gives us unconditional love and today is the day to appreciate having them in our lives. From cuddling with us late at night to entertaining us with their puurrrrfectly silly personalities, cats warm our hearts every single day!


Well how did National Cat Day ever come about? It’s not only a day to celebrate your kitty but also a day to promote awareness!




Approximately 4 million cats enter shelters every year with 1-2 million being euthanized. If your interested in adding a cat to your life its important to do so at a shelter! These are the cats that need a family the most and will forever be grateful for giving them a second chance!


There is so much to love about cats and there purrrfect personalities make it possible! Cats are known to lower blood pressure, offer unconditional love and companionship and alert their owner of danger. Aside from that there are numerous qualities about a fact that make it such a unique creature. Here are some fun facts about cats that you might have not known!


  • Cats are actually the most popular pets in America. Bet you thought dogs were!
  • If your cats eyes are closed it might not necessarily mean its tired. A sign of closed eyes means your cat is happy or pleased.
  • Cats are unable to detect sweetness in anything they taste.
  • A cat can reach jump 5 times its own height per jump!
  • Cats can make over 100 sounds where Dogs can only make 10!
  • On average, cats spend 2/3 of everyday sleeping. YAWN!
  • A cats hearing is better than a dogs!
  • A cat almost never meows at another cat, mostly just humans.
  • Cat’s hearts beats nearly twice as fast as a human heart!


Wendy and her purrfect inspiration Pasha Diamond
Wendy and her purrfect inspiration Pasha Diamond


Cats are very independent thinkers and overall elegant creatures. They bring happiness into their owner’s lives every day! Don’t forget to celebrate your precious little kitty today and remind them why they’re so PURRRRRfect!

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