What Your Pup Can Tell About You

There’s a lot that people can tell about you from observing your 4-legged companion: her breed, size, behavior, personality, diet, and more are all indicators of what type of person you are! So next time you want to learn a thing or two about a stranger or gain a first impression, check out his pup!

Purebred or Mutt

If you have a purebred pup, it is usually either an indication of status or that you are a planner. People with purebreds like to know what is coming next in life to be able to plan accordingly. They know how their dog will look when she grows up and generally how she will behave because of her breed. Pet parents of mutts on the other hand, tend to be more easy going individuals that are more accepting of what some purebred parents deem to be doggy imperfections.

I know how great I look, you don’t have to tell me

Energetic or Lazy

How energetic a pup is generally reflects the personality of the pet parent as well. If your dog loves to lay around in the sun or on the bed, you tend to spend your free time relaxing as well. Pet parents of lazy dogs enjoy coming home from a long day of work, putting their feet up, having a glass of wine, and watching their favorite TV series. Contrastingly, parents of energetic dogs are likely to be more social and prefer to meet up with friends after work rather than heading home. They are more active and go a little stir crazy when sitting down by the pool for too long.

Gotta put my paws up after a long day of work
Gotta put my paws up after a long day of work

Shedder or No-Shedder

Is your dog a shedder? Very clean, organized, neat people tend to lean towards dog breeds that do not shed such as poodles, maltese, and many breeds of terriers. Many of these breeds also require a lot of grooming which implies that their parents care about outward appearances, whether it is themselves, their pups, or their home. Pet parents with pooches that shed a lot such as labradors, german shepherds, and huskies tend to care less about the cleanliness of their homes and themselves. They are less conscious of outward appearance and judgment from others.

sorry for the hairy mess mom!!
sorry for the hairy mess mom!!

Friendly or Aggressive 

Is your pooch friendly or more aggressive towards other people? If guests are welcomed to your home with slobbery kisses and lots of attention from your dog, you are seen as more hospitable and welcoming as well. Friendly dogs are comfortable being around people and enjoy being around them because you constantly have friends and family over to socialize. Dogs that tend to be more aggressive are usually less socialized towards other humans. Pet parents of more aggressive dogs tend to be less social and enjoy time to themselves. Shy people tend to feel comfortable around dogs that focus their attention solely on their pet parents.

Nice to meet you!!
Nice to meet you!!

Whatever kind of person you are, parts of you are usually reflected in your 4-legged friend. You can learn a lot about yourself and others by studying their dogs!

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