How To Stretch A Doggie Dollar In Ruff Times!

Don’t Let Your Pets Run You Dry!

In this uncertain time with Obamacare and the shaky economy, Americans could use a little economic relief to save money everywhere they can.

We  are here to the rescue! Understanding that unconditional love, loyalty, and bond afforded by animals will rarely be trumped by financial stress, the Diamond duo are looking to educate Americans as to how they can continue to be the perfect pet parents even on a budget!

  1. Buy your cat and dog food in bulk! This will help you save up to 50%  – instead of buying individual boxes and cans of pet food. Your pets still need nutritious food to stay healthy and feel their best – so don’t skimp on the quality.  Research has found Hill’s Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying food has enabled senior cats within a month on this food start acting more youthful – jumping around, playing with toys, and more alert overall..

    Remember! Caring for Your Pet is a Financial Responsibility
  2. Unfortunately, you might have to get rid of your dog walker until times get better. Walk your dog yourself! Not only will you save money – you will get fit and in shape! Although you might have to rearrange your schedule to make time, your dog will thank you for it!
  3. Use old collars and leashes – instead of buying new ones every time you get a shopping urge. Learn to use the “No” command on yourself, instead of your pet in this instance. Dogs could care less about fashion – they are fine with last years leash and collar!
  4. Learn to groom at home – there are special home grooming kits available at the larger pet retail stores. Also, with the recent heat waves sweeping the country, who wouldn’t want to get a little wet while washing their dog outside!
  5. Make toys and clothes for your pet out of stuff in your house– a trash bag – cut out for your dog’s head and feet for a homemade raincoat or grab the odd sock with a dog treat tied together for a new chew toy!
  6. Make sure to keep your yearly vet appointment though – whatever you do – do not skip this! Preventative medicine saves money in the long run, and increases the span of your best friend’s life.
  7. Wash and dry your dog paws in the mud room when entering the house from outside – before letting him or her roam your house or apartment. This will help you save money on carpet, rug, and floor cleaning.
  8. Buy generic pet meds, like Pet Armor for pest control, This product contains the same #1 vet-recommended active ingredient (fipronil) as the leading veterinary brand, but about half the cost! Or Visit or to save up to 50%  on pet medication  for your cat and dog.
  9. Adopt a dog – any breed or mutt you want – don’t waste money on buying a pet, when so many homeless animals in your local shelters need rescue and a loving home!

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