Heavenly Puppy Hikes @ Red Mountain Resort In Utah

Every dog will be red with envy when they hear at the Dog Park about this Magical Destination in the Red Rock Mountains.
Sunrise at the Red Mountain Pet Friendly Spa in Utah


The spa’s backdrop is the Mojave Desert landscape – so note bring lots of water for you and your pup.  Situated on Fifty-five acres of black lava gardens and fragrant mesquite with stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains.

The Red Mountain Spa was awarded the Five Dog Bone Award for being pet friendly. Dogs can go everywhere at the resort, including relaxing outside during all meals and can even watch their owners do downward facing dog at yoga class.

Pets are lavished with organic treats, food, and water dishes upon arrival.  Dogless? You can take a desert dog walk (4 hours $79 per person)  with Blondie, golden retriever and AKC-certified “Canine Good Citizen,” and her human companion, Robin, a nationally certified animal control specialist.


Baby Hope gets a puppy massage at the Red Mountain Spa!
Baby Hope gets a puppy massage at the Red Mountain Spa!


Our favorite activity is the The Pound Puppy Hike (available year-round) in partnership with the Ivins City No-Kill Animal Shelter.  Each guest gets a  leash and is assigned to a friendly puppy or dog to take on the scenic Pound Puppy Hike. The joyful jaunts, emphasized by happy wagging tails, traverse three to four miles (approximately 1.5 hours of hiking) through St. George Valley and Padre Canyon. No worries – you are also supplied with doggie treats for your hiking buddy.

Making their way up the mountain on our hike were Ziggy, a 4-year-old black Terrier; Skeeter, a 9 month old black and white Terrier mix; 7-year-old Jack; Sweat Pea, a 9-year-old Border Collie Shepherd; and Shy, a 4-year-old Black Lab.

Red Mountain Spa will even make arrangements for your dog to come home with you if you decide to adopt! My hands are full with Baby Hope! LOL!

About 70 dogs and even some cats have found their forever homes through the Puppy Pound Hike, which was started by Robin Kirker, a Red Mountain Resort hike leader and former animal control officer with the Ivins City No-Kill Animal Shelter.

Watch Baby Hope on the Pound Puppy Hike here!

The Red Mountain Spa offers group and privately guided hikes in the Zion National Park, and just down the street is Snow Canyon State Park with 7,000 acres of red rock canyons and cliffs, lava caves and two volcanic cones.

Most of the hikes are four-hour treks lead by experienced and knowledgeable hikers and cost $79 per person. Dave Dwulit, certified 2Y2R, leads the Chakras, Goal and Gratitude journal hike   through Snow Canyon State Park, allowing hikers to reflect on personal goals and dreams. The resort also offers the Red Rock Hiking – Gila Trail, a more challenging four-hour hike through the Snow Canyon State Park with great views. Also, The Tuachan Saddle, a five-mile hike, gaining almost 2,000 feet of elevation, lies just minutes from the resort and offers dramatic views of the Snow Canyon State Park.

One of the resort’s most popular hikes, The Sand Cove Slickrock hike showcases Utah’s Navajo sandstone and geologic formations. Archeologist Boma Johnson also leads the Native American Rock Art Walk, a three-hour interpretative hike, and Bud Howard, Reiki master and spiritual guide, takes hikers the Slickrock Vortex, a moderately difficult three mile hike.




Two full day hikes are offered at $199 per person. Zion Narrows Hike takes hikers through the Virgin River and to see 1,000 foot canyon walls with fluted and zebra-striped patterns. The other full day hike, the Zion National Park Hiking Adventure, goes to the Zion National Park, located within an hour from the resort. The park is known for its deep canyons, sandstone cliffs and scenic vistas.


Another fun tidbit – The  final scenes of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” was filmed in the Snow Canyon State Park- adjacent to the spa.

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