How To Understand Men Through their Exotic Pets:)

Can you understand a man through their exotic pet? We are all familiar with dogs and which breed type best suits a person’s personality; Golden Retrievers thrive with outdoorsy, athletic types and showier dogs like Poodles, Afghan Hounds or Bichons thrive with the fashion–oriented particularly fond of  art and culture. There  is the best selling book How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs  to help you not waste time in the dog park!

A man and a tarantula - Intimidating?
A man and a tarantula – Intimidating?

Exploring the human/dog affinity, but how do you find out about the personality traits of  men who have exotic pets?

Look no further, our results of our study explain important characxteristic traits  one might want to know of common exotic pets and the men who love them!

The Tarantula man: Despite an intimidating appearance, tarantulas are quiet, need fairly little space to live comfortably, and must be handled with caretarantula due to a fragile disposition. Men who keep tarantulas as pets appear to be overbearing and aggressive, but are deceptively low-maintenance. They are comfortable with living alone in a small, non-fussy apartment and get freaked out when exposed to new and unfamiliar social situations. Avoid first dates to pretentiously formal social events! Your delicate arachnid will crack under the social pressure.

The Beta-Dude: Who doesn’t love the beauty and allure of exotic fish? A man who has exotic species like red devils, koi, and clown fish exhibit an appreciation for the finer things in life. The Beta-Babe may appear to be charming, beautiful and well-groomed with minimal effort, but looks aren’t always what they seem. Like the exotic fish in his aquarium, the Beta-Dude requires a lot of maintenance and behind-the-scenes preening to keep her in top form. If you are attracted to the type of guy who can get ready for a casual date to the movies in under two hours, beware! Swimming with this high-maintenance male will have you floating belly-up!

Bravo's Andy Cohen and his pet turtle Tramona!

Shellies: Turtles are sweet, unassuming creatures who are content to spend all day nestled snugly in their shells. Like their amphibian counterparts, Shellies are cased in an invisible barrier designed to keep creeps, liars, and cheating women out! Shellies are blessed with intelligence far beyond their years. Trial, error, and human experience have afforded these types of men with a sense of clarity about what they want out of life. They want a woman who is stable and easy to get along with. They give bonus points for girls who maintain discipline in their personal and business affairs.


The Ferret Dude: Like their pets, men who have ferrets are mischievous, high-spirited, pranksters. Nocturnal creatures by nature, these pets sleep up to eighteen hours a day. Similarly, ferret men usually keep night jobs. When they are awake, they are very sweet and affectionate and fun to be around. However, ferret males can be very conniving, especially when he wants to sink his claws into a woman! If your ferret man starts “accidentally” leaving things like masculine products, key pieces of his wardrobe, and little tchotckes that add a “male touch” to your bachelorette pad whenever he comes to visit, take special note. He is slowly and very deliberately making your personal space – his personal space.


Guinea For Your Thoughts: Guinea pig lovers are very similar to their pets. They are extremely intelligent, lovable, and social. They love to eat and solve complex puzzles. Guinea pigs squeal and make lots of noise and so does the Guinea man! If you love a guy who has a hearty laugh and knows how to have a good time, then the Guinea guy is the right one for you!

Girls, you’ll be safe in knowing that simply asking a man non-invasive questions like his name and what type of pet he has will give you enough information to quickly discern whether or not he is worth engaging in further conversation. Let alone venturing out on what could turn out to be an uncomfortably awkward slimy first date!

How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs is the ultimate dating guidebook for singles seeking a man who isn’t afraid of a little fur.

How to Understand Women Through Their Cats is the ultimate dating guidebook for singles seeking a woman who isn’t afraid of a little fur.

Theresults of this study were based on 50 men interviewed about dating, children and hobbies amongst many other important topics per exotic pet.  No men or exotic pets/animals were harmed:) Please note all exotic pets are up for adoption!

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