Top Ten Labor Day Pet Traveling Tips!



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Animal Fair has gone the extra mile to provide you with this traveling tips tear sheet to take with you on all your adventures with your pets!  According to the Travel Industry Association, seventy percent of pet parents would like to travel with their pets and as much as we want our vacations to be fun and stress free, a special set of guidelines should always be practiced to safeguard our pets.

We recommend the following when traveling with your pet to ensure that everyone stays happy, healthy and safe:

1. Make sure your pet is up-to-date with vaccines. Schedule a visit to your veterinarian and talk to them about any diseases that your pet might be unfamiliar with.


2. Plan for car breaks. Pets need ample time to stretch their legs and to go to the bathroom.

3. Don’t feed your pet too much or else they might get motion sickness. Give your pet a chance to get used to riding in the car by making short practice trips that get gradually longer.

4. Bring plenty of fresh water, extra food and snacks. Factor in potential emergencies, such as car trouble.

5. Secure your pet. Crates work best, but if you do not have room, use a seat belt harness. Never put your dog in the bed of a pickup truck.

6. Stay at pet-friendly hotels. Most hotels charge extra, so budget for your pet as well.

7. Know your airline’s regulations. Some airlines require pets to have a health certificate before they can fly. Clip your pet’s nails so they do not get caught in carriers and find out if the airline have temperature regulations to protect animals from extreme weather.

8. Microchip and ID your pet. Carry current identification and health certificates alongside your passport.

9. Never leave a pet in a car on warm or hot days. Temperatures in cars are at least 20 degrees above the outside temperature and heatstroke or death can result.

Car loving Franki and Tallulah!  Woohoo!
Car loving Franki and Tallulah! Woohoo!

10.Check out if Pet Insurance is right for your pet. Veterinary Pet Insurance policies give you access to all licensed veterinarians, worldwide.

Hope you and your dog try not to work to hard this Labor Day! Enjoy and have lots of Puppy Love!

Who's getting in?
Who’s getting in?

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