Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holyland


Donkeys Find Peace at Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holyland

One blisteringly hot day, Lucy Fensom was driving in Jerusalem when she saw a donkey standing at the side of the road. His forelegs hobbled cruelly by barbed wire, and emaciated, her heart went out to him.  Lucy tried to reassure him with a gentle pat, but he flinched at her touch, for all he had known had been cruelty from man. He had never felt a kind stroke, but with a few soft whispers and a lot of patience, he allowed Lucy to touch him. Lucy had met Donk, and the inspiration for her to build a better life for donkeys was born.

It seemed that there was no refuge in Israel for donkeys, enslaved as beasts of burden, beaten, neglected, often tortured for fun by children, and finally left to die when they had outlived their usefulness.  So in 2000, Lucy created Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land, the only organization in Israel that offers both protection and care for these abandoned or abused animals, as well as raising awareness of the problem throughout both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The sanctuary currently provides a home to over 110 rescued donkeys in the region.

With a rescue center located in Gan Yoshiyya, an Israeli town about two hours northwest of Jerusalem, the organization improves the well-being of donkeys, and provides a sanctuary for donkeys in need, where they can live in peace, free from pain and suffering. Safe Haven  also runs a mobile medical clinic to look after donkeys that live on nearby farms, and offers a donkey adoption program for animals who have been rescued.  For more information, visit:

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