Taos Painter – Ed Sandoval Unveils His Canine’s True Colors



Ed Sandoval lives in a vibrant and spiritually alive world. He was born in Nambe, in northern New Mexico, and that’s where he finds inspiration for his stunning paintings, from “the old days”. Sandoval’s “romantic expressionism” contemporary style displays old dirt roads, pickup trucks, adobe homes, mountains, work horses, old men talking leisurely walks, and the natural beauty of the scenic region.

Sandoval’s depiction of Old Main St of Taos.

“I seem to find divine inspiration in creating the old life of New Mexico. The expression of my work follows the road of rhythmical expressionism, with a bold and energetic style. I am not concerned with painting realism. What is important to me is mood, movement, and memories in all my paintings,” Sandoval has said of his original paintings.



Sandoval acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Eastern New Mexico and his Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Utah. In the early 1990’s he moved to Taos, New Mexico to pursue his painting career, and he never left! He won numerous awards and is showcased in several exhibitions, locally and nationally. He has been featured on the Cover of Southwest Art and mentioned on NBC’s Today Show.

Ed Sandoval and Cinco de Mayo.

Ed Sandoval is often seen riding his Arabian horse, Cinco de Mayo, to breakfast in Taos,  He lives there with his wife Ann Huston, their son, and dog – Chocolate, in an adobe house that Sandoval built.



Animal Fair Media rode over to Taos and sat down with Ed Sandoval where he artistically revealed his canine’s colors!

AF:  When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

ED:  When I was born I saw the color red!

AF:  Tell us about your dog, where did you find him?

ED:  My dog’s name is Chocolate. He looks like a piece of chocolate on legs walking along the country road. He was given to me by Taos artist, Tom Wheeler after his dog killed my last little dog with one bite to the neck!

AF:  If Chocolate was an artist, who would he be?

ED:  Modigliani because he liked drinking wine and I imagine Chocolate, and we would have a lot of fun drinking wine together!

 AF:  How would you compare the traits of a dog to an artist?

ED:  Dogs are like children and in order to be a good painter, one has to let go of inhibitions and paint like a child! Children’s paintings are naive, uninhibited and happy!

AF:  What animal charities do you support?

ED:  All animal charities! If I had to count the donations it would be as many times as a dog lifts his leg to pee on a tree!

Ed Sandoval even puts his unique creative spin on animal rescue!

For more information on Ed Sandoval visit: Studio de Colores Gallery in Taos, New Mexico


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