Tips to Keep Your Pups Heart Healthy!

Just like us, dogs need to form good habits to maintain a healthy heart! Here are some tips to make sure your canine companion’s heart is healthy enough to hold all that puppy love…


1. Regular Exercise! Keep your pooches blood pumping. Take them for walks or bring them to the dog park! Make sure your dog gets enough rumpus time during the day to be the puppy they are at heart! Remember: exercise requirements differ depending on the size of your canine so talk to your vet if unsure how much exercise Fido should be getting!



2. Healthy Diet! Your puppy only deserves the most well- balanced and highest quality pet food out there! Ask other canine parents what they use or talk to your vet about your dogs diet- they can recommend types of food! Lastly, don’t let your pup plum up; being overweight makes the heart work harder!



3. Routine Checkups! You should be taking your pup to the vet at lease annually (Once a year for your dog is like going once every 5-7 in people years!) While you’re there ask plenty of questions about your canine companion’s heart and get some tips on how to improve! If your vet hears a murmur, ask about the possibility of heart disease.



4. Look Out for Signs of Heart Disease! In the early stages, your pup may show no signs of having the disease and that is scary. The common signs of heart disease in your canine companion are: coughing, difficulty breathing, less playful, depressed/ withdrawn, changes in weight, restlessness, fainting, weakness, or swollen abdomen. If you notice any of these signs, take your dog to the vet!



Cute Valentine Havanese puppy dog with a red heart

5. Know your dog! Keep a close eye on Fido as he ages and take note in any changes that cause worry. While your pup gets older so does their heart so make sure you are watching as they age! Also, know your puppy’s breed! Some are more prone to heart disease like Great Danes, Boxers, and English Bulldogs!





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