Puppy Toilet – 10 Tips To Ease Puppy Potty Training Stress!


Puppies are fun, exciting and cute. But there is nothing adorable about accidents on the carpet. Housebreaking your pup doesn’t have to make you pull your hair out though! Follow these simple tips to glide through potty training your favorite pooch.

You can always teach an old dog new tricks!
You can always teach an old dog new tricks!
  1. Crate it: Puppies instinctively do not like to soil their “dens”. Use a crate that is only large enough for the pup to turn around in. Be sure he is not confined for more than two hours without taking outside.
  2. Dog best friend: If you find you can’t exercise your pet regularly, ask a family member, a friend or a dog walker to do it for you?
  3. Set the clock: Get your puppy on bathroom schedule. Puppies need to go the the bathroom every two hours. Watch for signs that he needs to go out; circling, standing at the door, pawing and sniffing.
  4. Dine and dash: Puppies also generally have to go after they eat. So 10 or 15 minutes after your puppy eats, take him outside. Get your puppy into a routine so he knows what is expected of him.
  5. Easy does it: Create a simple command, such as “potty” or “outside”, that your puppy can associate with going to the bathroom. Simple commands build good communication between you and your dog.
  6. Be consistent: Once you establish your schedule, be consistent. Take your pup out the same door each time. Deviating from your schedule can cause accidents and confusion for your puppy.
  7. Go with the flow: Your puppy woll have accidents. Don’t be surprised if you find a few “presents”, but don’t scold your dog for old accidents. Unless you catch your puppy in the act he wouldn’t understand why you are upset with him. Clean up the mess with an odor remover to prevent repeat offenses.
  8. Stay in control: If you do catch your puppy, don’t hit him with a rolled newspaper or his nose in it. Scold him with a simple firm “No”, and take him outside until he finished going to the bathroom.
  9. Good dog: Whenever your puppy goes to the bathroom when and where he is supposed to, praise him. It’s the best way to ensure good behavior in the future.
  10. Patience: Most important, be patient with your puppy. It can take a while for him to fully trained and totally housebroken.

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