Catsies! How To Take The Purrfect Selfie!


With the popularity of selfies on the rise, it’s becoming clear that the public needs new and fun ways to take these photos without coming across as a copycat.  Virgin Mobile is launching an ad campaign with the world’s most famous cats (except Grumpy wanted no part of it) to launch the Catsies ad campaign! Cat Selfies!

How to take a purrrfect selfie?!
How to take a purrrfect selfie?!

Cat Selfies!

A great way to do this is to cuddle up to your favorite pet for your new profile pic. Most people know how to get their dogs to sit still or pose for the camera, but because cats are more independent, getting them to do what you want may be slightly more complicated. If you happen to call yourself a cat person, though, have no fear! Here are some tips to snag that trendy selfie with your furry friend!

1. Show them some love!

Cats love attention, so if you give them something they like, they’ll keep coming back as long as they’re pleased. Petting your cat also keeps them calm and content, making them a more willing subject to something they might otherwise say ‘no way!’ to. This will also let your cat get used to having you so close.



That's the spot...
That’s the spot…


But not too much!


Or they will NOT be happy!
Or they will NOT be happy!



2. Choose THEIR favorite place.

Cats love to curl up in a variety of places around the house, but just like we have our favorite hangouts, they have theirs. Choose a setting that your cat feels comfortable, safe, and homey and they’re sure to relax and be more willing to comply with your phototaking wishes. Let them think they’re in charge.



I'm king of the world!
I’m king of the world!


Even if the place seems odd…


3. Make them feel safe.

Rather than being easily distractable or spacey, cats are just always on guard and aware of their surroundings. As a natural predator and prey, cats are not only constantly ready to pounce, but also to run. If you want to get a good picture, it’s best to be wary of suden and loud movements that could send them into survival mode. To avoid having to chase down an unhappy kitty, it’s best to steer clear of the following:


You'll never take me alive!
You’ll never take me alive!



Don't eat me!
Don’t eat me!


And mirrors.




Though maybe not always dogs…


Because c'mon, that's cute.
Because c’mon, that’s cute.



4. Get their attention.

Cats are not nearly as distractable as dogs; they don’t go running off at the first sign of a squirrel. To get their attention, use a toy that they have to try and catch. Bell, shiny stuff, and anything that dangles tend to be popular with most. It’s the simple things in life!



Like bubbles...
Like bubbles…






And light.
And light.



5. And if all else fails, there’s always food.

Dogs aren’t the only animals who act based on treats. Catnip is bacon to your little kitty, and most cats will jump to great heights to get a hold of some. Food and other goodies can get cats to jump through hoops as well.



I want to food!
I want da food!



Oh man, tuna!
Oh man, tuna!



With these tips, you’ll be able to snap the purrrrrtiest selfie your friends have seen! Just remember to respect your cat and what they feel comfortable with. Because nobody wants an unhappy cat, and if you respect them, then they’ll respect you. And maybe even smile for the camera.

And if these tips can get all of those model shots, then with their help, you should be able to snap the purrrrrtiest selfie your friends have ever seen! Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so everyone can see you and your best bud.



Besties for life :)
Besties for life 🙂



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