Bone Appetite! Is It Healthy For Your Pup To Eat Duck?

Pups need a high protein diet to be healthy! It’s important to know what proteins are better than others – one thing is for sure duck meat is an excellent source for dogs!  Humans and dogs alike need a varied diet so adding duck will create a more balanced diet. Duck also relieves dogs from chronic allergic allergy itch – nothing Quacky about that!

Duck is Great for Dogs with allergies…

Duck meat ( as well as lamb, bison, and others) is the perfect alternative choice for allergy sensitive pups.   Many common sources of allergies for pups are proteins they metabolize in food sources, especially beef, dairy, and wheat. Sadly many dog food brands will contain the allergy-causing substance in trace amounts or much more. So if your pup is suffering from allergies (chronic itch) it’s important as a dog parent to find the most trustworthy, uncontaminated source of duck or other non-allergic protein. Remember consult your Veterinarian!

Why Duck for Dogs?

Duck meat is an excellent source of trace minerals like selenium, zinc, copper, and iron. These are important to  help boost the immune system, support the thyroid, promote red blood cell health and keep your pup’s energy levels balanced. Vitamin B3 (niacin) and many other B vitamins help keep the heart strong and contribute to skin and coat health. Duck meat also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 for antioxidant protection against free radicals and vitamin A for eye health.


So, if you do decide you want to feed your dog duck meet – make sure it is cooked, breadless, and sauceless! Bone Appetit!


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