Why Some Women Have Dogs And Not Husbands :)

Betty White

This is dedicated to my hero Betty White and all the single ladies out there… There is no better love than Puppy Love!

1. A dog won’t cheat and will remain faithful to you till death do you part.

2. A dog will never leave for another person.

3. A dog’s love is unconditional. Whatever you do, you will be forgiven without any second thoughts and resentment!

4. You can crate train your dog. Whereas your husband might find it harsh to have to wait for you behind bars!

5. A dog needs very little from you; food, love, and long walks. And if you’re not in the mood, just being with you will suffice.

6. With a dog, you do not have to do the whole romance thing. A dog doesn’t care if you haven’t shaved in ages and if you like to drink beer and burp on the couch watching TV.

7. Dogs don’t keep in touch with their relatives. Which means no in-laws and no long and awkward family dinners

Please remember to ADOPT if you are looking to replace your Husband with a dog:)

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