5 Spring Sleeping Tips For Howling Dogs

How many of you out there sometimes wish your dog would just chill, already? It’s minutes to bed time and your howling pup still wants to play. Here are 5 quick tips to relax your pup and get ready for bed:

puppy in pjs

  1. Much aerobic exercise is essential to ensuring successful winding down at the end of the day. Taking your dog for a jog in the park, or a brisk walk all help in maintaining the right amount of exercise in a dogs day.


Hi human! I'm running back home!


2. Purchase puzzle-based treat dispensers. Nothing drains more energy than working up an appetite to retrieve his/her food.


Who needs pizza?


3. Create a super-comfy bed, of course; a thin blanket on a cold floor really doesn’t cut it. Just as we enjoy warm beds and comfy blankets, so does your pup!


sleeping woman and its dog

4. Send the message that good things happen to dogs who rest quietly on their beds. This will encourage your dog to “pester” for attention and goodies by, you guessed it, resting quietly. Leave a biscuit or small treat on their bed and pet them once they’ve found their treat.



5. When your dog still won’t stop howling for attention continue to give him/her they love they desire. Rub them on their tummies which will wind them down for the day and get them sleeping in no time!



We hope that these tips and tricks will help calm your howling dog and get him deep into doggy dream land.

Good Night Baby Hope!
Good Night Baby Hope!

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