Making Puppy Love: Behind Closed Doors

Pet parents often wonder what behavior is acceptable or appropriate in the bedroom in front of their 4-legged best friend. Can I have sex in front of my dog? Parents also question the sexual behavior of their dogs. How do I stop my dog from interrupting sexual sessions? Why is my dog always humping everything? Fear not dog-loving friends! We have the answers to these goofy and sometimes uncomfortable questions!

As far as you and your partner’s behavior in the bedroom is concerned, what you should do really depends on your dog. Some dogs are not phased by their pet parents getting intimate in front of them and do not exhibit behavioral signs of excitement or stress. If this is your dog, have as much fun as you’d like in front of your best friend! Other dogs behave based on territorial guarding. This can cause some to think that their pet parent is being attacked by his or her partner on what the dog believes to be his bed. So, if your dog acts out or appears distressed, he is likely guarding his territory and you should avoid making puppy love in front of your pouch.

beds are comfyyy!
beds are comfyyy!

If you do choose to make puppy love in front of your dog, she may become curious and try to snuggle in too close or sniff around in the wrong places. The simplest way to prevent your dog from interrupting is to shut her out of the bedroom during these times. Some dogs exhibit signs of stress or excitement when their pet parent engages in sexual behavior and it is easiest for those dogs to be left in another room in order to avoid interruption. Another option is to train your dog to stay off of your bed. For most dogs, breaking a habit only takes about three weeks, so you can quickly train your dog to stay on a dog bed or in a crate!


make room for me mom!
make room for me mom!

Humping can also be a silly and uncomfortable topic for pet parents to address, but we offer a simple explanation for this behavior and some simple solutions to stop your best friend from humping everything in sight. Humping is a common behavior in many dogs that is usually sexual in nature for unsprayed or unneutered dogs. However, in older dogs it can also be an expression of dominance, anxiety, or excitement. Usually when dogs hump other dogs it is a sign of dominance. When dogs choose to hump a toy or a familiar object it is usually a reaction to anxiety in order to feel a certain level of comfort. When dogs hump their parents’ legs, it could be for either of those reasons. Some may attempt to assert dominance, particularly on house visitors when they enter your dog’s territory, and others may be seeking comfort from their beloved pet parent.

To decrease this uncomfortable habit, we suggest neutering your male dog and spaying your female pouch. If your dog is already spayed or neutered, or is an older dog, the habit is more difficult to break. Most veterinarians suggest obedience training to keep your dog off of your leg and other objects. For example, if you train your dog to sit at your command, whenever he begins to hump, immediately tell him to sit and then award him with a yummy treat when he listens!

dogs hugging humping kissing


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