Around the World with Fido and Feline: Where to Take Your Pet for the Summer


We’ve all been there: you want to go on that dream vacation but you don’t want to leave that furry family member home with a stranger or even stuck in a kennel.  The good news is that nowadays, you don’t have to.  Whether you dream of seeing the lights of Las Vegas or hearing Big Ben chime midnight, there are hotels a plenty waiting to welcome you and every member of your family, whether they have two legs or four.

Good thing ya didn't forget me!

In the United States, over 65% of households have a pet, which translates to about 79.9 million families.  In the UK, it is around 45% of households – 12 million families. Further research has shown that 3 in 10 British couples are choosing pets over babies and in the U.S., pet ownership has doubled in the last ten years.


What does this all mean to the family vacation?  It means that destinations all over the globe are finding it necessary to become more pet friendly or even stand out with additional animal activity offerings.  No longer are you limited to the local campgrounds; you can take your mobile mutt in first class with a little planning.  Where can you go?

Buddy Beats the House

You might have thought your days of Texas Hold’em were done when you decided to adopt Max and Maggie because while Starbucks might allow you to carry your sweet Chihuahuas in an arm bag, certainly any casino would stop you at the door.  Right?  Not so! Pets are welcome at many Las Vegas casino resorts.


Caesar’s Resorts roll out the red carpet for traveling dogs with their PetStay program.  Guests are allowed to check in to select rooms in any Caesar’s destination with up to two dogs weighing less than 50 pounds.  Canine companions are greeted with in-room special beds, food, water and often even have a list of spa options, if you really feel like pampering the. THEhotel and Trump International Hotel offer similar pooch packages. At the Trump International, guests and furry friends are each offered a 30 minute massage.  So why not let Spot get the bath, manicure and massage he so richly deserves?

Order a room service gourmet meal for your pal and head down with your best poker face. Make sure you remind him to get some sleep before the Pet-a-Palooza annual event the next day! Afterwards, join the Party With Your Pooch event or visit the Crown and Anchor British Pub for a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week pet friendly feast.

The Old Country and Beyond

Sensibly, the EU generally cooperates with one set of rules governing transporting a pet across borders.  This makes it fairly easy to travel with Tigger or Rex by car, train, boat or plane throughout Western Europe.

cute dog train window

In Switzerland, dogs can use public transportation on a Day Card for Dogs pass and the Hotel d’Angleterre offers many special amenities for your pooch. The French love canine friends and most are allowed in restaurants cafes and other attractions, and Paris has a Mandarin Hotel with pet policies similar to those in Miami. Spain also welcomes your pets and has offers dog exercise and toilet areas throughout its cities.

If you’ve always wanted to visit the fairy tale city of Prague in the Czech Republic and simply can’t part with your pet, you’ll be happy to find out that the Hilton Prague accepts both cats and dogs. The hotel provides your furry friends with cat and dog food, bowls, pillows and cages, if you need to use them. Apart from the historic city, the Hilton Prague hotel offers interesting events and shows, including the Eureka Prague poker tournament, one of the stops in PokerStars’ Eureka Poker Tour. Whether you have a passion for the game or are just curious, it may be worth your while – and Fido can be your lucky charm. Last year, the poker tournament was held in December, so you can also combine it with Christmas holidays in the picturesque capital.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen

If you thirst for sun quenched beaches and high end shopping and nightlife, but don’t want to suffer separation anxiety from man’s (or woman’s) best friend, the Mandarin Oriental in Miami is the place to go. While there are many pet friendly beaches in the world, few boast the luxury and pampering accompanied by this Mandarin hotel.

Beach time!

Those used to traveling with their pets may have become accustomed to the plush beds, bottled water and organic treats that come with many high-end pet friendly hotels. The Mandarin Miami goes the extra leaps and bounds.

World-renowned chefs prepare special in-room dining feasts for your four-footed friend, including grilled tenderloin or organic chicken.  The hotel offers activities and opportunities for exercise, play dates and obedience training.  A 24-hour mobile vet is on call as well as spa and grooming appointments.

Crossing the Atlantic

With more relaxed quarantine laws in many countries, pet lovers are no longer limited to local travel.  While air travel can be challenging with animals, it is certainly not impossible.  Small dogs are obviously easier to travel with as they can be in the cabin you, but for the adventurous, anything is possible.  Where to go?


England has also become a very pet friendly destination. The rolling hills and country lanes are every dog walker’s dream and many accommodations have their own courtyard or gardens.

white shepherd puppy


If you’ve always dreamed of visiting London, there are many pet friendly places to stay.  The Milestone Hotel, in the heart of London, offers more than just tolerance for dogs and even cats.  It welcomes pets with special treats and custom plush beds.  There are professional grooming, walking and sitting services available as well as veterinary services.  Finally, this 5-star luxury resort offers a special in-room menu, mineral water and a bathrobe for your companion.


Surprisingly, there is also a multitude of restaurants and activities in London which your pooch can accompany you to.  You might want to try Doggy Sunday at Gaucho in Hampstead.  The first Sunday of every month boasts a theme and plenty of human and doggy treats.  If you want to go overboard, become a member at George, Mayfair.  It is an exclusive dog friendly members-only club with pet loving staff and stashes of doggy treats.


Going Beyond the Great Wall

Unfortunately, there are more pet quarantine rules and more challenges when taking a pet into Asia.  Along with the extended airplane ride, the pet holds and extensive paperwork in many Asian countries make it more inconvenient to bring a pet on vacation.  If you are going for an extended time, there are many services that can assist you, but for a short vacation, Fido might be better off at home with a sitter, doggy treats and a copy of Marley and Me.


After all this, there’s simply no excuse in leaving your pet behind when you’re on holiday. These hotels, resorts and restaurants offer great opportunities for great pet-friendly holidays, as well as being hotspots for pet lovers and pets alike to mingle when far away from home.


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