The Canine Cubicle: Sneaking Your Dog To Work on @TakeYourDog to Work Day

June 26th is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! Started in 1996 by Pet Sitters International in an effort to raise awareness about the issues facing animals and to promote adoption, Take Your Dog to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your animal side at the office! Baby Hope Diamond is no stranger to the office, in fact she’s worked more than any dog out there!; she’s been working almost every day of her life (we don’t discuss her age, but let’s just say that if she were a human she’d be able to retire with some major social security!). Though she’s most notably seen rubbing paws and enjoying the high life with celebrities her day job is far more exciting! Lucky, who as a rescue has never forgotten her roots, has been assisting service dogs and helping homeless animals since the day that Wendy rescued her before she made it into the pound!

Of course, not every Company wants to be canine compatible. But never fear, Wendy and Lucky have compiled their list of foolproof tips that will let you sneak you dog into work without worry! Follow their advice and you’ll be doing your part to spread the word about animal rescue from the confines of your cubicle

1. Smell Like a Rose

If you want to get Spot past security, you’d better make sure that he doesn’t stink! Be sure to give your dog a bath and a brushing and minimize the possibility of a cantankerous coworker calling you out!


2. All Spies Wear Trench Coats

Have you noticed that anyone being sneaky and surreptitious is invariably wearing a trench coat? That’s because a big coat is the perfect place to hide things! Even if it’s 90 degrees break out the outerwear and slip your dog under your coat.

Bonus: If you’re female, you can fashion your pup into a best friend baby bump; talk about pet parenting!


3. Don’t be Above Bribery

None of us are above resorting to a treat to tempt our pets into being exemplary listeners in times of need, so why not employ the same tactic on your office mates! Bring some treats to work along with your dog and we guarantee that no one will be barking about you transgression.


4. Cut Complaining Off at the Source

Every office has a spoilt sport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn their tune around. If anyone cites allergies as the source of their aversion to your pet come prepared with Zyrtec or other allergy medicines and stop their yapping before it starts!


5. Canine Camouflage

If you find that you’re truly stuck with an ornery office and all of our other tips don’t do the trick do not worry, because you are not out of options! The human mind is very impressionable and is susceptible to all sorts of shenanigans so long as expectations are not subverted. Nonchalance and confidence are the name of the game in our fifth and final tip. Simply dress your dog in a suit and tie (add glasses and a briefcase full of dog toys for added effect) and walk in like you own the place. Tell your coworkers that you’re simply entertaining a client and no one will be any the wiser!


From Service Dogs to the Rats detecting cancer, this post goes out to all of the working animals in the world Hopefully your work place is a puppy paradise, but for those who have a harder time bringing in the hounds you can always try begging your boss. And if you as nice enough he may just roll over!


Be Sure To Get This Book - Wendy Diamond's How to Train Your Boss To Roll Over!
Be Sure To Get This Book – Wendy Diamond’s How to Train Your Boss To Roll Over!





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