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  • Bathe your dog. Give your pup flea protection or frequent flea baths (especially after your dog comes home from a kennel surrounded by other pups).
  • Frequently wash your hands thoroughly, especially after petting your animal.
  • Buy your animal a bed of its own, a comfy bean bag, crate, or dog house with blankets. I assure you that your dog will still be comfortable. Just remember to wash the blankets frequently.
  • Regularly see your Veterinarian – Keep up with your pets vaccinations and health care.  (Check your pets feces for signs of intestinal parasites.)
  • Give your dog heart worm medication (prevents worms from growing in your pet)
  • Groom your pet regularly.
  • Discourage your children from sleeping with their dog so they do not develop a habit.
  • Although science is proving that you can’t sleep next to your furry companion, I am as healthy as ever sleeping with Baby Hope the last two months!


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