Top Five Pup-Friendly Reasons To Visit Vail, Colorado!


Vail, Colorado is famous for scenic mountain winter skiing and celebrity sightings. And if you’re planning a spring, summer, or fall vacation – Vail is the perfect year-round hound haven destination!

Animal Fair Media’s Wendy and Happy Diamond are sharing the top five pet-friendly reasons why you and your pup will love visiting Vail! Vacations are designed for relaxing and unplugging, a special time when you and your pup can enjoy quality togetherness. Vail is one of the most pet-friendly vacation cities in the country, with a howling array of hotels, restaurants, and activities that welcome both you and your pooch with open paws!

  1. The Lodge at Vail historically is the very first hotel and resort in Vail, located in Vail Village, and just seconds from Gondola One. The location is perfect for shopping with your pup, dining in restaurants, and indulging in a healthy mountain air walk around the village. And when it’s time to take a nap, relax, or retire for the evening, your pup will enjoy a special dog bed, treats, food and water bowls – all courtesy of the pet-friendly The Lodge at Vail. GMC & The Lodge at Vail exclusively partnered in support of the GoPro Mountain Games annually held in Vail. The GMC Acadia is the perfect year round vehicle for the great outdoors, with enough space above and in the back cargo area for kayaks, tents, skis, bikes, backpacks, and an extra large beach ball – just don’t put your pup back there!                                                                                                             

      Photo by Matthew Staver for GMC

Other Pet-friendly Hotels Include:

Antlers at Vail

Antlers at Vail is a go-to pet-friendly hotel! The Antlers can bark with pride about their spectacular pet perks while situated close to central Vail, including hiking, snowshoe trails, off-leash dog parks, al fresco dining options, your dogs can go almost everywhere! During the summer, the Vail Farmers Market is a puppy social time with lots of mutt mingling.

The Arabella at Vail Square

Fido might want to move-in permanently to the Annabelle after being treated to the finest pet-friendly accommodations including his very own water bowl, bed, homemade gift bag with doggie treats and toys, and a midday walk or sitter while the pet parents are out on the slopes. shopping, or dining. Call in advance for pet reservations.

Evergreen Lodge & Condos

The Evergreen Lodge & Condos is one of the oldest, charming, and most affordable pet-friendly lodge hotels in Vail! Large rooms can accommodate up to three dogs per room, with daily fees – again a barking budget.The Evergreen has the perfect hiking trails and walking paths for you are your pet to enjoy “nature and nuture” together!


2. Exercising with your pup is one of the most healthy, invigorating, and natural ways to bond! Whether you enjoy Vail skiing in the winter, or hiking and running on scenic trails during the warmer climate, include the following on your list: Booth Fails Trail: Hiking & Running Trails, Pitkin Lake Trail: Hiking & Running Trails! If water sports are more your thing, you and your pet will love Colorado River Run: Boating, Rafting & Water Fun!

3. Just wanna have some good old-fashioned “fun and games” with dueling dogs, then        Go RVing Dog Town water games is a real fun and entertaining challenge to watch. Dogs are jumping and diving off docks into water, and other canine competitions!  The GoPro Mountain Games for family and four-legged festivities is healthy fun, with yoga, kayaking, mud games, bicycling and hiking all a part of the annual weekend event! Two and four legged are all winners at these fun-filled game activities.

4. If you just want to relax with your pooch(s), camp under the stars surrounded by mountains, jump in a lake, nap in a hammock, and listen to birds sing and frogs ribbit, then we have the place for you! Cow Creek South Campground near Green Mountain Reservoir in White River National Forest – it’s a campers dream come true! RVs are welcomed: pull up and unwind – sigh – Woof woof!

5. We all know how much dogs like to chow down, and their humans don’t hesitate either when it comes to cuisine hopping. Vail caters to both! Here are some pet-friendly restaurants that will have you running and barking back for more!

  • Bart n’ Yetis – Americana cuisine including burgers, ribs, wings – a dog with wings!
  • Up The Creek – Farm To Table – To Dog!
  • Blue Moon Pizza – Pizza that will have your dog howling at the blue moon…

Disclosure: This trip was courtesy of GMC. The thoughts and fabulous memories our editor, Wendy Diamond, experienced from this trip in VAIL were all her own.

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