Father’s Day Tips For Grateful Canines! Adopt!

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Dedicated to all fathers on Father’s Day, whether the pet or human kind!


With Father’s Day right around the corner, dads around the world are dreaming of delicious barbeque, reclining chairs, the latest bestselling novel, and a moment of leisure. While any dad can expect a new tie, a homemade card, or the latest ‘it’ gadget, those special fathers who do double duty as pet parents should look forward to an extra helping of puppy love. This Father’s Day, Animal Fair Media  presents five pawsitively perfect ways that man’s best friend can give back to dear old dad. So sit! Stay! Perk up your furry ears, because this one’s for you Fido!

1. Don’t Wake Dad – It’s 6AM, the sun is rising and you’re ready for your morning walk. On any other day your first recourse should obviously be to scramble into bed and start nudging your dad awake. Nature calls, and you have to go! Besides, everyone knows that the early dog catches the squirrel! As much as you want to wake your Dad up, remember that this is his special day. Go ahead, let him sleep in and have Mom, or better yet your brother and sister, take up the leash and enjoy a stroll through the sweet morning air. And when you get back, feel free to jump into bed (if your parents allow that sort of thing) and give your dad some special slept-in snuggles.


Wendy Diamond ,  Michael Diamond.
Baby Wendy Diamond with her father, Michael Diamond


2. Chew Not the Shoe that Walks You – Nothing smells more enticing than Dad’s freshly shined leather shoes. You know that these loafers are not meant for consumption, but sometimes you just can’t help but throw caution to the win and go for the chew. Better chew now and look adorably guilty later, right? Wrong! Dad works hard for the kibble and just because his shoes have a tongue, it doesn’t mean they’re looking for a kiss.


3. Be A Super Sous-Chef – Dad loves your canine company, so stick by his side while he grills (be sure to compliment his new utensils and general barbeque mastery). This being Father’s Day and all, you might as well be on your best behavior. Don’t beg for a burger or howl for a hotdog, instead be a patient pup. There might even be a treat in it for you later! If you’re feeling extra industrious put yourself on clean-up duty and be sure to pick up any scraps that Dad drops. Cleanliness is next to “Dogliness”, you know.


4. Be A Furry Fan – No matter what gets your dad’s tail wagging, make sure to jump off the dog bed and join him! Does your Dad go crazy for the World Cup? Find out his favorite team, bark when he cheers, and whine when he groans. Show him that you’re on the same page, especially if he’s rooting for the underdog! Does dad go gaga (not the Lady)  for golfing? Offer to be his caddy, or if you think that you’re up to it, try your paws at driving the golf cart. If all else fails just fetching rogue balls should warrant some appreciation. Does your father enjoy the finer things in life? Howl along with his favorite show tunes, or maybe offer your services as a truffle-hunting hound! Our dads are diverse and it’s our doggie duty to indulge their interests.


5. Give Plenty of Puppy Love – Whether you’re a stubborn St. Bernard, a pampered poodle, or a manic mutt, show your dad that you’re there to give him the unconditional love, loyalty, and a bond otherwise known as Puppy Love. It may be a Dog’s World, but for at least this one day, between you and me, let’s pretend that it’s a Dad’s World, and send some extra affection his way.



*Editors Note: These tips need not be exclusively implemented on the third Sunday of June and are applicable every day of the year to any member of your family!

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